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LooLoo13 11/29/2013

Arturia Spark : LooLoo13's user review

«  The big fat »

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Usb port port midi in and out c is hybrid controller requires
Nbrx sounds styles etc. .... (good idea of ​​guys ARTURIA to develop patterns by beautiful people ... Crystal distortion)
Multi thoughtful internal effects (2 +2 per track back two master) list of effects that s the stuff As of SHIFT.
Editable sounds a configurable wish.
Intuitive step-sequencer recording very simple wholes automations and melodies on the fly.
16 pattern on 4 banks to change all that.
Slide pad to control and filter effects bitcrusher repeat the Master.

Instalation no problem authorization online via ARTURIA.COM
Clear and legible menu preferences.
The app is very clear no need for manual in case of trouble I shall be only too you advise regader the tutorial 8 of Franco la muerte that will brighten all your lanterns.

Very quickly seduced by the use of SimpliciTee the number of control and modulation possibilities.
Like any machine, it is important not to stop s internal sounds which incidentally
bill are more than adequate.
The use of its own samples and sound banks will be much more interesting.
Any type of kit eternal LINN TR ... to more current kit there for everyone.
Much relief in the way of playing the game right expression

I ve swapped spark without really knowing the beast
and the least I can say is that I didn t was disappointed.
Who has some groove-box models (MC303 mc 909 rm1x MPC2000XL quasimidi rave-o-lution various Korg drum machines ... and innovation DrumStation jomox ..)
I love the classic BAR Type 909 but I find some interest in new types of production tools such as spark or maschine.
Spark a very good compromise at an affordable price.
Hybrid tools (mi-soft/mi-hard) will increasingly be only developed and are a great addition
Finally the most important orientation sonoritées the beat-making and the price used to make me really SPARK indispenssable a current home-studio.
PS: the big question SPARK or MASCHINE I find them quite different in fact I do not really understand the debate.
Go tchoooo.