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jonathan44 09/14/2013

Arturia Spark : jonathan44's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
I am using my spark with an average hp pavilion dv7 laptop, it runs very well even if I want to change the pc for more fluidity and thus push the software to its connection maximum.niveau c moi.le is perfect for a single default my taste is the lack of a current even though many efforts have been made to the side, thank you simon carter (Crystal Distortion) a very good idea to ask for underground artists.

worthy configuration good old Korg much more opportunity, I would simple ergonomique.l edition of the sounds is in my super easy way, regarding the effects I prefer designe of sparkle or you can assign a single effect on a single pad facilement.sinon a clear manual.

sounds suited to my style of music, especially on the last update: dub step, drum and bass, techno and if compared to a native maschine in it makes little sounds I find good quality in all . sounds are realistic in all because I bluff musician friends all lacks a bit of string instruments, guitar, bass etc. A small flat on the aftertouch response and sounds to the keys.

I used the last more than 2 years before I had several Korg EMX1 esxi, the roland 909 505, the yam rm1x etc. .. what I like about this machine is its c sequencer and effects as well as one, easy and affordable software has in the belly if you want to push a technology anymore loin.un its value for money no doubt! again this choice?? the course because I love my spark.