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djfacile 09/05/2012

Arturia Spark : djfacile's user review

«  But less well as NI Maschine or Electribe »

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effects are correct, the xy pad ca c 'is (Novation inspiration ...)
# The screen is not terrible terrible, however the interface is impeccable!

Super easy to use! No instructions needed. While thinking drag n drop
The manual is thick but really not necessary!

The sounds are very good in all but n # there is not much compared to 16,000 in Maschine. You will need to import your own, but there may be large differences in quality and volume!
The sounds are not as good as on NI Maschine

I use 4 Months, But after having tried the Maschine Native Instruments, I immediately sold!
Problem she can not concentrate on the rhythms ...
Latency is noteworthy is the reaction of the pads.
Face Maschine it is unfortunately not the weight!
c is the most accessible bank in 4 of 16 Patterns
The plastic knobs are not convincing and really annoying latency ca ...
Good Product for 300 Euros secondhand, although NI Maschine Mikro between 199 Euros and has even secondhand Spark to 300 Euros, the choice to wear Maschine.
Not with the experience I would do that choice, however it is a machine which can be very interesting in a future version will be more convincing.
Already by starting to put pads and at least 16 banks A, B, C, D or like Akai MPC Maschine, because 16 sounds Maxima Tracks by c # is that .. See Frustrating Leger has long
Do not count on almost Patterns program is very hip hop R # NB, ca reminds patterns of the EMU MP7!
The spark she seduced very quickly at first, but you get tired very quickly to only 16 songs with sounds .... Damage, but Arturia should be trying to work on Spark MK2 .. patience, but there is work to catch up Maschine or Akai renaissance novella ... They should consider is the style guide Beat Thang on battery, independent and with a good sound bank ..
Even beat Thang proposes 3000d'origine
But the little fifty parts kits has 16 sounds Arturia is Skinny Cow .. especially since they are more hip hop electro Techno (Case of Gout, but Arturia Analog synth which sells to the moog, I do not see # this too that it took them want to go on the field hiphop, especially with 8 pads Poor (Note Invoice excellent however, I love the quality of the pads!) ...) is 479 Euros, think there 2 times for 300 Euros ... Because we can not afford one secondhand Korg Electribe esx which is much more efficient to live the small Grenoble and uses 250 sounds live ... not 16! :)

Maschine Mikro is currently 199 Euros!