Arturia SparkLE Creative Drum Machine
Arturia SparkLE Creative Drum Machine

SparkLE Creative Drum Machine, Other MIDI Control Surface from Arturia in the Spark series.

Vmercutio 09/02/2013

Arturia SparkLE Creative Drum Machine : Vmercutio's user review

«  Editing workflow to review ... but seems great for live »

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On the box it is set as THE SPARK 1.6 is compatible with mac os 10.5 out this is not the case ... even after contact with Arturia. it surprises ... however it works but not optimally and logic pro 9 crashed sometimes. I will test shortly on a new mac (logic pro X) version 1.7 which seems more efficient.

Concernnat physical controller being used in the Elektron Machinedrum one finds herself short of publishing .... only three knobs which you can assign a variety of parameters. Suffice to say that once you assign the volume and pan ... it is you that is available.

Most of the buttons respond well and are comfortable. The pads are responsive but I prefer TR programming buttons and there are catastrophic ... so that the touch responsiveness ... as the syndrome machinedrum who excels at this level ...

In terms of software, it's heavy (and malheureusmeent not "heavy") .... the problem is with screens that are superimposed and with whom you have to slide through a menu selection ... the sounds and settings (at the bottom) are too far from the stepper (top) itself too far from the table mixing (at the bottom on another tab that edition) ... All navigation is really tedious. One page with four tabs (see text) would have been welcome ... production which must be edited carefully is the galley. Live screen representing the controller (middle) is probably enough although I 'havent found "MACRO command" or how to speed up the race knobs. I have not tested version 1.7 but sembelrait we do pusisse "parameter LOCK" function essential to me.

I thought regain flexibility machinedrum sinning by its price, its effects, its procedure for loading samples and routing (flexible but not accessible as directment for entries Octatrack) but it is not.

it sounds very good to see, no worries, Arturia has experience. Some kits are too "in your face" and therefore almost unusable. FX master section is awesome live (I do not but it must do so). The effects available on the mixer have also seemed to be of good quality but I do not ... The most searched models seem good but I prefer Nepheton D16 for the TR808.

The patterns are interesting because very representative of the main styles of electronic music. Everything is very educational! A good point!

Editing on the stepper screen lets you apply modulations divisions not ... Another good point.

Edition still, it is often on the software and not the controller ... unlike when your pattern is set, it's quite nice to play the controller!

Unfortunately, I will remember the exhausting sessions because of scrolling pages. There are many raccoucis but this is tedious.

I am very disappointed in the end when the potential is there and the price is good ...

The potential is really huge but I much prefer Ultrabeat Logic in software and in hardware machinedrum ... I thought I had found the perfect fusion but this is not the case.

I'll test probalement Maschine later ...

I will update this review when I have tested version 1.7.
I reserve my opinion to 6 because it may also be that I do not control certain processes that can greatly improve the workflow and I'm sure that live are potential is released.