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Ashdown Bass Guitar Combo Amps user reviews

  • Ashdown EB 15-180 Combo

    Ashdown EB 15-180 Combo - "Decent tone but not ABM"


    Ashdown amplification has been known for creating some of the best and solid bass tones in the industry. They have a great high performance and high-value amplifiers and speaker cabinets that has been able to be on stage for basically just about ever…

  • Ashdown EB 15-180 Combo

    Ashdown EB 15-180 Combo - moosers's review


    The Ashdown Electric Blue 15-180 is a bass guitar combo amp suitable for uses of all types. I've only used this amplifier in the studio when the bass player of a band I was recording brought it in for the session. Ashdown is a cool company as they …

  • Ashdown C210T-500 Combo

    Ashdown C210T-500 Combo - iamqman's review


    These new Klystron amps are an evolution of the preamps that John Entwhistle collaborated with Ashdonw to develop one of he best bass amps in the world. After several years later Ashdown decided to release a whole line of the Klystron amps in varies …

  • Ashdown MAG C410T-300 Combo

    Ashdown MAG C410T-300 Combo - "Great amplifier."


    -307 Watts (RMS) -Puts out around 150 Watts (RMS) without extension cabinet -Controls: Input gain, Bass, Lo-mid, Mid, Hi-mid, Treble, Bright switch, Deep switch, EQ bypass switch, Sub-octave switch, Sub-octave level and Ouput gain. -DI output -Ef…

  • Ashdown MAG C410T-300 Combo

    Ashdown MAG C410T-300 Combo - "Ashdown MAG300 410T"


    I have played bass for 20 years and a good 15 of that has been searching for the perfect amp. About 2 years ago i found it, Ashdowns Mag 300c 410t. Rated at 307 watts ( with optional ext. cab) this thing rocks! I found it easy to drop my ss Ampeg as …

  • Ashdown Five Fifteen

    Ashdown Five Fifteen - "Ashdown Five Fifteen 100 Watt Combo"


    I play bass in a band, and sometimes jam with others from time to time. I take electric bass very seriously (practice for hours every day), and I also play the flute on and off. I like REAL music (ie not rap or hip hop crap) everything from U2 …

  • Ashdown EB 12-180 Combo

    Ashdown EB 12-180 Combo - "Ashdown Electric Blue 1x12"


    I've been playing Bass for almost 3 years and decided I needed a bass amp as i recently joined a band (also, my 10 watt practice amp would seem pointless to use in clubs). I decided on the Ashdown Electric Blue as I was on a tight budget at the time …

  • Ashdown MAG C410T-300 Combo

    Ashdown MAG C410T-300 Combo - "Ashdown Engineering MAG C410T-300 Combo"


    During my first two years of playing Bass i used a small practice amp that had roughly 15 watts of power. Now this may be fine for strumming along to your tunes in your bed room, but if you want tone and volume a combo is the way to go. i feel that…

  • Ashdown ABM C115-500 EVO II Combo

    Ashdown ABM C115-500 EVO II Combo - "Ashdown ABM 500w / 1x15 combo"


    went to p/x an ampeg flip top combo for an ashdown 200 or 400w head as i required a little more volume for smaller gigs and rehearsing. ended up with a really good deal on a 500w abm combo. i had played through a mates at his home and was impressed …

  • Ashdown MAG C210T-300 Combo

    Ashdown MAG C210T-300 Combo - "Ashdown MAG 300 - 2x10 Combo"


    Soundslive - £370 This Amp is unbelivable. There is not one bad thing about it. The sound on hese things is beautiful, really bassy, but can also deliver shed loads of punchy tre.ble if required. I Play this in a Punk band and can easily keep up wit…