Ashdown MAG C210T-300 Combo
Ashdown MAG C210T-300 Combo

MAG C210T-300 Combo, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Ashdown in the MAG series.

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MGR/EJ 05/13/2004

Ashdown MAG C210T-300 Combo : MGR/EJ's user review

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When I quit gigging with my old mates, I put my bass in it's case and sold my Hartke 350w head and 4-10 cab. Ouch.
Recently, I've pushed the pocket rocket as far as it will go and decided to amplify again.
I did alot of research, both locally and on the web and decided on the Ashdown 300w/210 combo (I had only read good reviews of all ashdown equipment). I got a smoking deal from ($450.00 with free shipping)and although backordered for four weeks, I forgot all percieved inconvenience once I plugged in (about 90 seconds from reciept).

Wow, this unit packs lots of tone. The 5-band EQ is very effective and when the input and output knobs are optimally set (for your guitar and room) it provides plenty of volume without unwanted distortion. Sub-harmonic feature is cool, especially when you monkey around higher up the neck. I tripped on that for a couple of hours last night. The VU meter is cooler in person than in photos.
My Fender Jazz special is super punchy and these speakers handle every bit of it.

Not much.......oh, one of my effect settings makes something metallic sounding rattle inside the head (in the high E note), sounds like a washer or something, real faint, but I've heard it. I thought this product was British, but I keep seeing markings on the packaging denoting China. Ok, so I aspire to Wang Entwistle.

This feels like a macho cabinet. Nice inset handles, weighs like 73 lbs, easy to move around and through doorways. The steel grill is not real stiff, but will protect against average contact. The knobs on the head are nice and smooth, knob heads are on-there, sturdy.

300 watts/2-10's for $450-, you just can't beat this! Go ahead and check.
Honestly, this unit is powerful, compact, easy to set-up, attractive, versatile and beautiful sounding. I may in the future add a single 15 cabinet, but this right out of box will rock your socks off. Great product for a great price.

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