Ashdown 330 Touring 210H
Ashdown 330 Touring 210H

330 Touring 210H, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Ashdown in the Dual Tube Preamp series.

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jjdin 03/03/2014

Ashdown 330 Touring 210H : jjdin's user review

«  too breathless »

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Hybrid combo amp, see the spec on the site

low and high inputs, effects loop facade, linet XLR to the rear, a jack in order to couple a cab


simple as that medium low acute master gain and bass boosters medium
not seen the manual: my amp was loaned to overcome my poor head eden


quite correct sounds Grain is noticeable lamps, power is when you turn up the sound claps well tonalite adjustment has little effect on the overall sound or when you really push, the boosters are more present

I could compare my eden (when he was good enough to run) the sound is flatter and more root more vintage does not have this characteristic envelope of eden
Perfect with my hofner violin, too medium with Rickenbacker (for my taste), good big sound with precision telecaster


loan I did that for 3-4 days, is a bass amp: one branch and you have the sound of your guitar without embellishment without making head and well made that fully respects the characteristics of the instrument , very vintage and is puisssance
it would be very nice if the fan was less present and if there was not a breath is a constant power, why I do not put that final note 7
Edit I just replay with and between breath noise and the fan is really unbearable after an hour, so I degrades the overall score from July to May