Ashdown ABM C115-500 EVO II Combo
Ashdown ABM C115-500 EVO II Combo
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MGR/whydoikeepbuyinstuff? 08/27/2004

Ashdown ABM C115-500 EVO II Combo : MGR/whydoikeepbuyinstuff?'s user review

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went to p/x an ampeg flip top combo for an ashdown 200 or 400w head as i required a little more volume for smaller gigs and rehearsing. ended up with a really good deal on a 500w abm combo. i had played through a mates at his home and was impressed so went for it.

the octaver.

was gobsmacked to find that a £61 300w eminence speaker was fitted to handle 500watts in a £1000+ combo. The reason being the amp has a number of limiter/compressors built in (aka trace) which was why i fell out with it when used at gigs - no dynamics - if i had a £ for every time i twiddled with the eq!!! If you like a big fat soft marshmallow sound you`ll love it but it won`t bite yer legs. think mr softy rather than marvin hagler.

I actually rate eminence speakers but besides that £61 model in a £1000+ combo - certainly top banana, top build quality.

my own view is that its good for a big soft jazz/pop sound but It wasn`t what i was looking for. Weirdly i actually miss it!
ps my mate also got rid of his for the same reason - he now uses a gallien kreuger.

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