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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Zoom R16

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 34 reviews )
 14 reviews41 %
 10 reviews29 %
 1 user review3 %
 1 user review3 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
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Editorial review
  • 12/29/09Zoom R16 Review

    Zoom R16 Review - Zoom R16: All-Rounder

    DAW systems are good but you don't always have a computer by when you feel the rush to record music. Mini studios were created for that purpose: they are practical solutions but not very comprehensive nor ergonomic. That's why Zoom launched the R16, an hybrid tool you can use as digital audio interface, controller and standalone mini studio. Let's take a look at the result...

Users reviews

DebErney's review"Love Zoom products and this is no exception"

Zoom R16
I bought this to replace a faulty Tascam DP-24 Portastudio (6 months old. dont get me started on the lack of warranty on Tascam). I was resistant to purchasing this earlier, when I purchased the DP-24 because it felt like a toy.
I needed the 8 inputs that it offered and it was at my price range so I got it after the disaster with the DP-24.
I was able to start recording right away and have been very pleased with the results.
Zoom products have a clear, warm sound that I tend to appreciate. Not as clean, bright as a DAW interface but, the ease of use, reliablity, portability make it my recording device of choice. At least until I purchase an interface that fits my needs as well as the R-16 does.
The recording on this couldn't be easier. The effects are a bit more challanging to engage but, if your familiar with menu selections you won't have any problems with it.
I use this for direct plug in recording then transfer it to REAPER or GARAGEBAND for editing and adding effects, EQ, pan, synth sounds, etc...
I've used the USB transfer and it works well without latency and configuration issues (after installing the download from ZOOM) but I prefer the simplicity of using the SD card for transfer to MAC.
I've hauled this to gigs, live shows, bathrooms, and my home studio. It works anywhere you do. The onboard mics are really nice though I dont use them as much as I should. They are clean and warm with plenty of headroom/volume.
I've used Tascam Portastudios for years and decided to replace it with the ZOOM because of the bad experience with the NEW DP-24 Portastudio.
The Tascam products tend to record a bit brighter then the Zoom products I've had (H4n, R16, H2), which tend to have a warmer sound that I prefer.
I recently started using the Zoom R16 as an audio interface (after returning a Presonus 44VSL after a week of adjusting, configuring to end up with latency problems) and have been very pleased with the results of the R16's interface capabilities. (You must install the interface software from ZOOM before connecting or it will not work properly.)
I've gone through a few audio interfaces (Presonus, Tascam) and I'm still looking for something that is that much better than the R-16 to justify the purchase.
The R16 has held up over 2 years of use and it's been, surprisingly, portable and road worthy. I've hauled it to practices, gigs, and it always works flawlessly. True plug and play. It was a real life saver when my Tascam US-1200 drivers wouldn't kick in on a live recording of a singer that was only available on that afternoon, at her location. If I hadn't thrown the R-16 into the case for extra measure I would have been SOL. The R-16 saved the day. Plugged it in, plugged in a mic and guitar, armed the tracks, hit record and I was good to go. Everything was recorded onto the SD Card.
Transfering WAV files into the unit is a bit tricky, as is mixing but, can be done with persistance and use of the manual. I have setup a bit of reverb to record with the R-16 and it stays in memory until I change it. The best use for this unit, at least for me, has been direct, multi track recording with transferal to DAW (REAPEAR and GARAGEBAND) with the SD card and recently as an audio interface for DAW. I can't believe how well it works as an interface. A few months ago I decided to try DAW recording after my guitar instructor presuaded me to try it again. I gave up on it 10 years ago because of the setup problems and latency issues. I've tried and returned a Presonus 44VSL and I'm selling a TASCAM US-1200. The US-1200 records well with very little latency but, it is a bit on the large side. Not very portable.
I love this little recorder and will probably replace it when it dies.
Here are samples of what I've done with the R-16 (excluding the first song, this was done with the Zoom H4n)

Elenel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Quite frankly"

Zoom R16
I got it for cheap (210 €) in December 2013 so I am quite satisfied, money quite impressive report.

The quality seems good, I do not have that concern Jacks stuck in XLR / Jack combo, despite the fact that the outer shell is plastic, manufacturing gives confidence, there is no play in the buttons or in the dial. After course it remains electronics so I guess she would not appreciate a bath or blows ... Otherwise it's fucking light, to believe that its a steal inside.

I use to record my MPC1000 multitrack, but I also have high impedance instruments (ukulele, guitar) This is my first sound card, after a year of beatmaking it's not too early!

Personally ergonomics came to me quite easily after passing through the manual, I can have it be that the MPC makes me drool ...

The quality is exactly what I wanted, no breath, no staining, very good intermediary between my gear and my PC Hardware. If you push a little too preamps there is a little breath on the last quarter of a turn, but I have not had any use for the moment, my MPC delivers all the potatoes and half the instruments enough.

Mode sound card I have problems with my DAW (FL Studio) When I open or close a plugin sound card and freeze out a high-pitched sound until I select another driver and I go back to Asio Zoom R16 ...

As a controller it's pretty plug and play, the config is very short, but with non-motorized faders is impractical, especially as the DAW does not take into account a "notch" when the fader reaches zero level, it juggles quickly unnecessarily so ...
The control buttons (Start, stop, pause, forward, backward, rec ...) by against them are very practical.

Otherwise the effects do their job, the reverb is more natural than the MPC I noticed (At the same time the MPC effects you tell me ..) the guitar effects are fun, this section is highly developed, particularly at the editing effects, or on the other hand we risk getting lost in the sub menus. Luckily for me I have little or no utility.

Short in the end:
+ Audio Quality
+ Portability
+ Machines do
8 tracks that price anyway ...

-No motorized faders
Ergonomics-a little old school if not used
Save 8-track simultaneous mode sound card in the DAW it would have been the foot
Problem-personal with the DAW ...

Remains to see the longevity of the product, fingers crossed ...

anton.kald's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The ideal"

Zoom R16
I use since its purchase in February 2012, mainly repeats but also to record demos.

This is my first purchase for a device of this type, but it is a very good choice, I am fully satisfied.

It is easily accessible to the novice, easy to use.
Highly portable because it is very light, but suddenly care, a musician can easily ship it by pulling on the cable.
It is ideal for quickly mixing after a rehearsal or a multitrack recording solo at home.
The built-in mics are quite impressive: the sound quality is very good for an acoustic guitar for example, and pretty good in the case of an acoustic drum (we get a usable recording).
The essential effects are there: reverb, chorus, distortion, etc. ...

The downside, if one were needed, I would be the equalizer is a bit limited on separate tracks. It does not offer as many opportunities as mixer and it's a shame, it excluded a live use.
I have not had the problem that is often recovered on jacks that get stuck, I cross my fingers because it is true that sometimes some cling taken hard ...

This is, to my knowledge, unparalleled product on features / quality / price ratio.
I remake the purchase if necessary.

presby's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" top"

Zoom R16
used in home studio for models with a steady rhythm dr880 box 2 votes drums, one whisper, one for vocals, one for vocals, one for rhythm gtr and 1 for the lead.
I'm all alone and it is the best.
uses live with my band (drums electronic) low, 2 gtrs, 3 songs.
adjustable gain a balance, remix home, wave.et file is the top.
Quick easy efficcace.devenu essential in my home studio.10/10

crassouille's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Awesome!!"

Zoom R16
This is a great tool, very good sequencer with multi settings ...
I used to create my music and get any sound ...
sheets are well suited "Jacks / xlr" ...
For voice features, there are multi-effects ...
incorporating an instrument can at any time and as many times as desired, ...
Frankly for the price there is no better ....

djtaintain's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Useful and fun"

Zoom R16
I use it for 1 year.
First time I buy one multitrack.

Pros: Easy to handle, and the Puchin puchout for times emulation bassman.

The -: all plastic (should not be too travel)

Report excellent price / quality

With the experience I remake the same choice.

dblanche's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Zoom R16 essential"

Zoom R16
Nearly a year and I use this small multitrack recorder has become indispensable.

This is my first device of this type, chosen at the time after husked different opinions on the web

- The 8 tracks simultaneously. I play in a rock band and I recorded all the snooze. Each track has its own battery and is taken up by two microphones atmosphere (at the same time as the others). I convert mp3 mutant while a track each time and balance it on skydrive. Suddenly, all group members without their party pieces to work alone.
- Operational simplicity: no need to spend hours reading the manual (I do not like records!).

Minimum: the connection looks fragile so to put on and remove jack or XLR, should remove his mittens!

Excellent value for money, the view (or ear) of the features and sound quality

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" ESSENTIAL"

Zoom R16
I use it for almost 2 years and I did not see any bug he always walk nickel.
This is the only recorder that I tried and I bought based on the test, reviews and demos on youtube.
I love the number of outputs it has, I have several branch synths and beats a top box and recorder and mixing function works wonders and saves ca like a real studio.
I do not like too slow to give a piece to start after a recording is very long and this is the only downside but it is only the recordings, fortunately.
I had bought some 500 and I think I would do the same choice and I do not intend to sell it I just plug in a guitar and Rhodes above it still sounds grave.Je have bought more for mixing and recording pure one can easily make cd.
Ah yes the effects are not too normal effect .. I bought a boss me 70 while beside zoom r16 do not weight as it is not its function principale.J Rigging a serious interface is very nice and the ability to record full of morceaux.Il march batteries but I do not use it still branch.
I put him 10 out of 10 because it is the case and the record is very clear.

windigo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Above all- a very good recorder!"

Zoom R16

The connection is exactly what is needed to record.
Mixed among eight XLR / 6.35 two with phantom power and one with a Switch for High and Low Bass guitar for example.
An entry for USB key or other USB output for PC changes with a DAW like Cubase LE supplied with 5, see the tips as to how to activate it, only on the sides, all others are on the back.
A stereo headphone output with volume (the latter preferred in the front ..), two outputs L and R Master 6.35 for direct to PA or table with volume.
Between a 5V power supply provided. An always convenient on/off interrupter switch.
Recording 16 and 24 bit 44.1 Khz. This digital recorder is equipped with a visual precompte, a metronome (screen a bit small in relation to other Zoom recorders, overdub for inclusion (overlay) to the other tracks .. a video sync, it is like OCD, not tested.
The number of tracks recorded simultaneously is 8 (not bad this price), Tested 7 tracks that day, I re-edited io, read 16.
We can double the number of simultaneous recording tracks if we get a has a second R16 or R24.

The general configuration is simple, we find everything of a Hardware recorder, everything is there physically and easy to access, much better than a Soft PC .
The manual is extraorinarily comprehensive, clear and specific, and even more. PDF files on a DVD provided should you lose the manual.
There are the usual functions which you can use without a manual if you are accustomed to them, for the  COMPLEMENTARY, easy, the guitar effects and others, number  effects more than 135 for voice, mastering, everything is clear in the manuals, twice that of just one..

The sonority is clear, the sounds found on the tracks are clear, moreover it is magic for this range of product it is an excellent multi-track recorder.
The effects are those of Zoom Multi pedals series G.U. and B (low) and are often a good temporary solution, in addition to Reverbs, Delay, vocal equalizer, etc..
1G SD card can be replaced by one of 32G and is more reliable and lighter than a hard drive, sound format. Wav files coming from it, is surprising.
The dynamics are well respected of course, for this product.
If you are picky, between the microphones and the R16, the addition of a preamp increases the quality when we only have one recording.
On the other hand, if we use for post production, the USB connection or directly pluging in SD card in Post directly into a software, everything is modified and
refines itself, a choice to make or choose the two ..

I admit I only used it for about a month, but I re-edit to because I do not use that recorder, I did not test the interface function since I didn't really need it or really the controller function. In my personal opinion, is already an all in one, convenient, aesthetic, and light.
with batteries, and / or USB with a laptop, two stereo microphones built to catch the sounds of flies.
It is a studio from A to Z for rehearsals, live, afterward one can refine and then free you finalize on a PC with an SD card reader or USB.
Before, the old Revox tape through a Tascam K7, a Zoom Mrs8 is good enough, and need more simultaneous tracks of recording and making less head, I found a reasonable price for this model which suits me perfectly.

In particular, the pluses:
Light, Design, simplicity, the effects, excellent Manual, 8 simultaneous tracks a this price, sound quality and the small bonus of Cubase LE 5.

Minues: not yet tested (Controller), use can seem fragile, only time will tell.

Edit: Tested the interface sounds, RAS, USB drivers well recognized, but attention must then go through at least one classic squenceur because the recorder mode is cut, it is impossible to have both modes simultaneously.

I will look but I am missing, for those who want, an interface and a Controller one or two MIDI tracks, there is its predecessor MRS8.

Requiring only an 8-track recorder I am delighted with the quality and moreover I amuse myself well with its effects and there are still lots more to discover. what APRS is a me said that was not updated on the manual that say?
Of course and without hesitation at this price, there is nothing better and if really, and this is not my case, you need some drum patterns and bass, I recommend the R24 is the same as the 16 with these two advantages and extras and 24 playback tracks. A very good recorder

zeulot's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Amazing! Really amazing"

Zoom R16
I needed a multi-track recorder to make some demos.

I use it only to record / bass/ guitar / vocals / drums while the mono jack. I get the sound tracks on the SD card to mix them with Audacity. I have also recovered sources via the USB port via my USB. 

The test in version to group 4 simultaneous instruments is well passed. It is super simple and intuitive. It offers all possibilities of any digital recorder. I do not use the built-in effects. They come from pedals of brands and I find them terrible .. Too bad also that there is no editing of the tracks.

Installation is easy too. Unpacking / track section / time setting and date / cover of a track in the REC mode and go!
Caution: get the updated firmware. It's simple. file download and transfer onto the SD card. At the start, the ZOOM asked to do the Update.
One small problem though! If you retrieved a source wav file and want to do another take his place, it bugs. Indeed! After registration, the Zoom will not go out and plant. Forced to cut food sector. To remedy the problem simply do not assign to that track when the new intake sound.

The manual (in English) is relatively clear. But it is complete.

I've had a few hours and I got a mockup piece comprising: drums (two tracks) / bass / guitar (two channels) / vocals and choruses.

I have tried other similar products of the famous brand that starts with a B. A nice machine too, but at double the price! Issue and value for money for a multi-track recorder x 16 ... no comment!

I am happy to have chosen this! This product is really amazing! Try it! Hurry!
It's really good stuff!