Roland JD-800
Roland JD-800

JD-800, Digital Synth from Roland in the JD series.

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All user reviews for the Roland JD-800

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funkysteff's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Mythical"

Roland JD-800
Roland JD 800
64 internal sounds (editable) 64 + sound card optional ram
108 samples


Machine can not be more direct, pedagogical, didactic for programming (in the philosophy of the time)
Everything is easy to program for all orders, all the parameters are physical, facade, and the values ​​shown on the digital display in real time.
The edition is fast, then you can create sounds hair that one would want to hear ... It's the highlight of the bike.
The effect block is of high quality audio today it seems.


Sounds good then:
This is an engine output 91 so she brings in her about everything that has better (and agreed) as synth sounds of the 80s. Must not ask him to make realistic acoustic instrument sounds is not his thing! This is a synth that is done to make synth sounds! This is where he can succeed at the game today!

Top sounds, yet currently remains the evolutionary layers (though less complex than on a Korg Wavestation), some powerful bass sounds, lead and some nice sound pop / rock of the 80s ... with great sound quality! Superb quality filters ..
Where it is very limited this is the number of core samples present in the bike (108) that when hundreds and hundreds of sound banks were surveyed, it always ends up finding the same types of sounds grains or sounds. There are more little surprising or original, must program a patch is finely made in the cocktail samples selected departures (of which there are 4 possible maximum for a patch) to try to hope make a sound that surprises ... Besides Palette feature is very interesting for "mixer" in real time on each sample in the same patch: in terms of volume but also in terms of cutoff, reso ...

The quality of the keyboard except that age well but once again is very comfortable from the point of view of the relationship between touch / load / velocity. The weak point is that we have need of incredible strength (several hundred Newton! Quasi body weight) to use the aftertouch, once it managed the expressive qualities are obvious.


For the time it was the best! Even now I'm a fan of his grain sound. In lots of productions of the time (90) could easily be recognized by saying "Waaah the monstrous synth sound ..."

In Prince album "Love Symbol" at 92 pieces My name is Prince and The Max, the water from the beginning he is the preset "Iceman". In the album "Gold experience" (95) the water that serves as a transition piece between the Endorphine machine Shhh he is, the "Abyss" patch ..

In the very first album Deep Forest, the first piece opens on a tablecloth is still him preset "Swimotion"
In the album Herbie Hancock "Dis is da Drum", the bass sound of the song Mojuba,'m pretty sure it's him ..

The same sound is also used on albums by George Duke "Snapshot" (93) and Love Is Enough "(96) etc ....

Favorite keyboard in the 90 JM Jarre, Tony Banks (Genesis), Michel Sanchez (Deep Forest), etc ...
It has often been used coupled to Korg Wavestation (the other "Pads machine" in the same time) ...

minouagrifffe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" King of the tablecloth and sounds grainy"

Roland JD-800
lots of buttons, enough things to do sons.machine exceptional, very beautiful line, stunning effects (for age), synthetic motor filter very basic but aging typé.machine mal.fragilité contacts and keyboard cursors.


it can just faire.un must for tablecloths evolutives.enveloppes very very sophistiquées.une Machine intuitive.merci buttons Facade


and yes it's pretty froid.mais this is offset by a beautiful grain, very fit does not pale in comparison to an Oberheim, I am the same effect, it makes me want to pummel him his buttons . the filter provides a very character trempé.certe synthesis does not do things delirious, it's playing sample, but the internal waveforms are from famous synthesizers, Oberheim andc.A machine has a block ame.le effect is very beautiful finesse.tres more Just listen to the demo internally to get an idea of ​​the potential be programmed to do pretty the most powerful synth put 10 for the note because it is one of my synths sound like I like preferé


a machine is very posseder.elle so I wanted to say: it is very very beautiful.

rv128A's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" jd tempestuous nature, while com grd my mother:)"

Roland JD-800
Synth quite enjoyable for its ergonomics, but not enough fluid in terms of programming!


for tablecloths and other synth leads quite enjoyable for its ergonomics, but not enough fluid in terms of programming!


roland sound of the 90s a bit cold, but his character!

Synth quite enjoyable for its ergonomics, but not enough fluid in terms of programming!


synth 9 / 10 that at the coast, but do not get the sheets of a D-50 remains as the inimmitable jd!

Synth quite enjoyable for its ergonomics, but not enough fluid in terms of programming!

Benjd800's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland JD-800
Big keyboard pimply aging badly ... it is rare to find one in perfect state cosmtique and functional (in the faders often go live and replace them galre hello ...)

The machine is beautiful! one of the few to see the only synth of that period that still attracts attention now!

CHARACTERISTICS are in the middle of what was lpoque the CONTRL time for the settings in the rel more.The sound is typs 90s but it is also possible to find some sounds clbres 80s.


One button per function, one can not be easier! there are some menus and submenus that allow the grate among other multi-effects house, noon and custom settings gnraux.L 'edition of the sounds is fast and enjoyable.


Ha! sound ... Opinions are mixed! some find the sounds of JD800 die, others find it cold and think it's got a story but also of what you're looking to do with this machine.

It really is possible to output sounds dchirent in all styles of electronic music, but we must recognize that every little cuckoo analog low-end style poly-800 will sound fatter and warmer than him! Jd-800 allows the same when a large variety of sounds and it really can make its own caractre.Il of trs trs good basses, leads and many impressive sr groundwater sublimes.sur the point I never found a synth's level ...

For résumé, it is easy to program but difficult to ring ... To get an IDE will cost the bank of sounds courtesy of Francis Rimbert the community and you will understand that the JD- 800 may be a weapon of war ... it is surely no accident if he continues to use it on Jarre concerts in the middle of Jupiter 8, and other Synthex Arp2500 ...

So my personal opinion I put a 10/10 on ambient sounds and ground ("Monastery of La Rabida" of Vangelis's him!), A 7 / 10 for low, a 5 / 10 for sounds "synths" typical, and a 3 / 10 for imitations of acoustic instruments.


I have been using 1993.Je thought to have been around but the sound banks available around the web made me realize that I am a clown programmer! The Jd-800 is better than a! It's a synth endearing, extremely class but ncessite a real investment in learning and sounds that come out are worth it.

DSIR careful if you buy one, test it! buttons and faders age because trs bad! IDAL in it would take two ... one main and one for spices when mcanique start fair!

In conclusion a great synth, I think below a Wavestation or K2000 as less versatile, but one remains a "must-have" in one set!

The_Missing_Dude's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland JD-800
The keyboard is noisy.


Editing is simple, but limited, despite all the obvious settings.
The effects are good but difficult to measure.


I liked the sounds of this synth, close to analog.
But once an analog home, the JD-8OO took a slap and did I never called, as I sold.
The sounds are actually cold, and from ground classes is really quite difficult to get good sound in a mix (GEM S3 is even better).
Anyway, it all depends on what you do like music ... (Me is progressive rock, pop-rock ...)


Used for 2 years and then sold because I'm tired.
It is not very stable over time because of the wide range of settings (the knobs and faders do not age well, and it ends up moving on its own).
I tried other models, the D-50, JX-10, D-20, D-110, also Korg 01W, the DSS-1, Gem S3 ... The JD800 is the only one who eventually get tired.
Furthermore it will explain why people think that this synth is still 600/700 euros today, I do not understand because this machine is nothing extraordinary, but this is only my opinion.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland JD-800




So in terms of synth sounds, well, nothing special! I have a lot of synths "80 years" and I must say the JD800 pales next to my D-50 or my M1, I'm not talking about factory sounds of synths mentioned above but the sounds created A to Z The JD800 may be just right for some ground but that's it, the D-50 for example, has an extraordinary sound power that JD does not. JUNO Even my 106 is better! At least for my style of music (electro / trance / progressive) the Roland JD800 not bring me anything.


I sold a very good price because it is premium. I do not really regret it because in addition to its faders that simplifies the creation, JD800 does not break anything ...

H.Noury's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland JD-800
5 octave keyboard, nice touch. The great innovation of the synth when it was released and re-propose controls for all parameters of sound. The polyphony of 24 voices is used differently in different patches, if they use two "tones" with notes of polyphony is 12 voices, three to eight "tones" by note, etc ...


Simple configuration, easy to use. Editing is very simple.


I used this synth for a few years. I preferred to use my sampler at the time for low (a Roland too, same setup, same multimode filters, but with much higher DA converters, so that the sound was much better). Then I had the Microwave, and JD 800 was not allowed to play as syrupy as the ground could be heard at the time. So I sold ...
The design was beautiful, but its lack of dynamism.


I got two or three years, long ago. I had to buy the Microwave on at the time, because the JD 800 sounds flat (while the other ...). However, it was a pleasure to use, the knobs like the keyboard in particular were very very cozy feel, and LED were pretty orange color, was very nice!

superseven's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland JD-800
The CHARACTERISTICS are known and for those who do not know, There is a lot o sites are Retailer, I will not repeat them.
I would add that this is just one of 91 synthesis and internal memory space is somewhat limited for those who want to do a lot of Fast Fashion. But tight deadlines to afford a card to store your own sounds.

I put 8 in the light of what is done auourd'hui, but for an era c'tait sacr bte beautiful!


All or almost sounds custom settings are accessible directly, and the big advantage is that for the rest, there is no menu and sub menu ... It is a machine trs simple to use and its use is not boring like many synth out the same era. Finally, the manual is clear, explicit and very well done but hey I never do that when I open the trouble on a rsultat I can not get it.

Dernire little thing: sometimes you take care to note the various court of Fast Fashion paramtres sound, because the efficiency of the filters is such that quickly finds himself the scene of a mile of who originally wanted to be close enough to the DSIR ... especially true for those who are beginners on their synthesis the amount of pot. gives envien touching everything. That said, we can sometimes make beautiful Discoveries through a mistake.

I put 9 because nothing is perfect (if? Ah well ...)


The sound is for me the highlight of this synthesis: they are effective, and many filters allow all fantasies. The effects give a little boost, but it's nice to ring in the bte dpart because without them apparently has viterai some surprises some people.

This synth is a sound tool Fast Fashion possibilities are endless tration, and to tour request to move from trs many months, if indeed it ever be possible to go around ...

Finally, we must not forget that this synth was released before the return of the great vintage fashion. Do not expect sound to blow the lights of an amp. All dpend of the user research. What I can say is that the sheets are beautiful, deep and wide, the bass is good, even if they are clearly synthetic ... but it is characteristic of a synth (I think)

Bon bah I put the 10 because for what I do, well that's great!


As you can see, this synth features prominently in my studio and is undoubtedly one of my favorites.

I use it virtually every day or away, and I've never had any problems with any pot. button or another.

Recommended for lovers of sound research ...

lolodilolo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland JD-800
Nice synth of 91, bought new and sold after having used two years back.
8 years and used matre keyboard!
CHARACTERISTICS of the main synth is that it is numrique.
The sound is numrique, shiny, cold desire.


Nothing is simple in that simple.


1 - without the sound effects remain inert, sound of pan
of poor quality.
2 - to jump van halen, I know that OBXA Oberheim!
3 - The worst of roland synth I believe in sound quality.
4 - Submitted as big analog sound, the first form of waves 9
t have analog samples of the minimoog. The sound of jd please some,
sr it, but not me because it has nothing to analog.
I have a jv 1080 and I can say that the sound is 1000 times better
on the rack, I also have analog synths real and has nothing
see it. even the juno 106 sounds better.


2 out of 10 for usability. Is the top buttons.
but the ratio price quality is not good.
and so poor in the wealth analogique.Aucune power
no heat. the M. .....

Nonolepiano's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland JD-800
The keyboard is 61 keys average quality (worse than the keyboard of the M1, better than DX7)
Pitch bend, modulation, portamento keys, solo, and transposes
All parameters are ditables in real time via a slider / paramtre
64 sounds possibility of extension housing rom / ram M256
internal effects
Polyphony, but I do not know limit (24 I think)


Trs simple as a slider for the settings ...
He learned even understand how the gnral synthtiseurs
Manuel suitable


The audio standard is 80/90 in this machine
Do not try ralistes acoustic sounds, it is somewhat in the spirit of D-50:
large tablecloths, sound synths ... but much more standard
You guessed it I'm a fan!
VLOC and aftertouch ok
You want the sound to Jump by Van Halen, and although I put a cot Alesis QSR, a Korg 01W, a Korg Trinity V3 + Moss, a Korg M1, a Yamaha Motif, a Roland D-50, a Roland XP-80 ... Well there is no photo, it's JD, and far away ...... trs trs


Machine must!
Only BMOL, the polyphony, and cursors that would tend to age poorly, but the sound is so standard ...
DEFINITIONS A. It is the synth if I had to keep just one, it would be him!
Aside from the fact that it is not versatile.