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All user reviews for the Roland JUNO-D

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 21 reviews )
 13 reviews62 %
 6 reviews29 %
 1 user review5 %
 1 user review5 %
Value For Money : Excellent

V0's review"Do you know the Juno-D?"

Roland JUNO-D
Looking for a last-minute ticket to spend a few days across seas, my eye felt on flyer of some musicstore in Amsterdam. They sold the Roland for € 300,- as a bargan sale. Knowing I could keep the keyboard/synth for years, still enjoying the sounds of my old Roland E36, and travelling for a living most of the time, I called my brother and asked him if he would be so nice to come over. He lives in Amsterdam so I told him to go by the musicstore before heading my way.

No trip to the United States or Southern Europe, but a nice new soundmodule for me that summer.

It has nice sounding presets, also for dancemusic. It has the legendairy 808 and 909 kits, which are like all other sounds editable, by MIDI, included pc editor of right away on the toy itself (but you need to know your way to make quick edits).

For today you could say there are not enough programmable knobs on the surface, but then again, it's a instrument before t-screen.

The effects are good, but you can use just one at the time, good enough for studio, lesser for live (if you don't have on outboard fx-rack that is!).

About the beatbox... never use it. Never tried but just a few hits. I got cooler toys for that.

display is a bit small


The presets are good enough to get the sound you are looking for by just tweaking a little. You just need to learn the sounds.

But for a beginner it could feel like just not the bomb,
once familiar with MIDI and it's potentials, this Roland does the trick.

I also have a V-drum by Roland and again, it could not sound more pro then that in my ears. Remember, there sound you hear at home is a combination of all routed hardware. But the Roland part is quality sound, it a pro brand and the sound you hear a lot in the media.


I like the sounds using a external reverb and for the recording touch off course some sort of eq to ballans it in the mix.


It is a keyboard with the MIDI capability to make it way better then a synth played by some-one that does not reaches the big budget-synth potentials.
It's way better that low budget old time synths.

As a drummodule, it rocks!
All dancetracks can be made on this babe, but you need skills, for that's how big boys use this kind of toys!

theaudioandvideoguy's review"Juno D is great"

Roland JUNO-D
The Roland Juno D is a good board, I wasn’t sure about this one after spending 3 hours on it at the guitar center down the road. One thing that I can stand with it is the interface and sequencing just didn’t do it for me. But there where certain sounds that I really liked and the on board controls to minipulate those sounds made it really easy for me to get the sound I was really looking for .


Very easy to operate, its almost to easy. You may only need the manual just to understand a few small things. But sequencing on it was difficult for me because I am use to a more user friendly screen and menus. There really just wasn’t much to the interface of this board. Maybe it was just too easy for me and that’s why I didn’t like it because I am use to sequencing on other workstations that have a much more complex screen and menus.


The sounds a pretty good, especially when you add a few small effects you will really like the sounds you can get when you play around a little bit. The brass on here is what surprised me the most, I didn’t expect to hear such a big band style of brass. Its just sounds full and rich when those horns are being played. I can honestly say the brass on here was some of my favorite presented brass out of almost any board on the market. The brass was ready to fit right in to my songs with out any equine or anything. It was almost made just for me.


Overall, This board is really easy. If you want something easy then this is what you need. Its not much to look at and doesn’t look all fancy. that’s because its not fancy. Its good though and has all the connections you need to get it right to you DAW. Its very realistic and ready to go right into your mixes. You will love the Roland Juno D.

moosers's review

Roland JUNO-D
The Roland Juno-D is a 61 key synthesizer that can be used in a variety of situations and applications.  It can be used as a typical synth or as an emulation system for acoustic instruments.  The synth has a huge amount of patches and effects and has 1/4 connections for inputs and output as well as MIDI connections and 1/4 inch connections for pedals.  The synth also comes with software for use within your computer and while I haven't really used this portion of the synth, it's definitely cool to have this option.


Using the Roland Juno-D isn't hard as the interface of the keyboard is pretty straight forward and easy to follow.  It is easy to scroll through the patches and to create and save your own, as well as to mess with the effects and all that.  After playing around with the synth for a short while I was able to pretty much understanding going on, and those with any experience with similar synths shouldn't have too many problems figuring out this keyboard.  I've never seen the manual for the Roland Juno-D so I can't say if it would be helpful to learn this keyboard or not.


The sounds that are possible with the Roland Juno-D are quite varied as all sorts of sounds are possible.  My favorite sounds that this synth has to offer is probably the more traditional synth sounds rather than emulations.  All of the sounds that are possible are quite good, but since this is catered to being more of a real synthesizer, it give you more parameters and options to control these sounds over any other ones.  For this reason, I would probably only pick one of these up if you are looking for more of a tradtional synth rather than an emulator of acoustic instruments like piano and orchestra.


I've only used the Roland Juno-D a handful of times for recording sessions, but during these sessions I've definitely liked what I've heard from this synth.  It was easy to use from the start and all of the sounds are quite realistic with a number of parameters to help you get the sounds that you are after.  All in all, I would definitely recommend checking out this synth as Roland has done a great job with this synth.

wxc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland JUNO-D
What type of keyboard (synth, piano ...)? How many octaves?
Synthe numeric five octaves


The general configuration is it simple?

The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

Editing sounds and effects is it easy?


The sounds they suit your style of music?
The sounds are boring and there are one or two that are the D50, and the sentence arpegio system is convenient and gives interresant sounds, its suits me

The effects are they effective and responsive?
Yes, and then you have the buttons of adjustable cutoff, attack, release ... that are practical

What are the sounds you prefer, you hate? ...
I used pads, piano bass ...

Are they realistic?
It will

The expression is good? (Reaction velocity, aftertouch)?
Yes (the rubbers keyboard, turntables are new)


How long have you use it?
Some days

Have you tried many other models before buying it?

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
Facilitate programing edition of sounds

How would you rate the quality / price?

So it is that its complicated, the quality of the keyboard is mediocre fears that the dust has time to have to change all the rubbers (buffers that support the platinum) and that's what I did there a can and then I've also change the plate and tablecloth reread the keyboards to the plate because it wrong position (near the vices and support on the motherboard, mine was abimmer) roland send my models that are After the last juno-di - and juno-gi, so everything is new I think to be quiet for some time,
So when you buy one, make sure all the buttons and knobs as

With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Yes, despite all the sounds are good, and the repair is if you know if is not complicated to do and the price is reasonable, to expensive technical aze I ue for 90 euros (platinum, rubbers switch, cable assy) and then it allows you to change gear for the best quality (at least that's my personal opinion)
I put a note 5 average for overall opinion, but if you do have problems mentioned above could be the score of 7!

saucisson's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland JUNO-D
See more reviews


For use, I've seen easier in terms of editing, a rotating wheel would have greatly increased ergonomics. Never plugged in USB, if I buy a synth is not for me lugging a computer ...


For sounds, this synth is so general you can find everything, good and also not so good. The organs are correct, but the pianos means it goes live, the synth sounds there is a lot of gadget and the sounds of violins and sax are only good for working compositions, the guitars are ugly as all the synthe I think. The keyboard is not transcendent, but the sale price I was not expecting a hammer-thing else.


I bought this synth at the time of its release but the build quality is really zero at zero. After using one or twice a week, rehearsals and concerts, there is more than a dozen keys that match the buttons again and started to become unresponsive, one after the other, I am revising buttons and keyboard not it was too expensive. I use it again from time to time as expander. Since I moved to Clavia Nord Electro is more expensive but much better and more reliable.

Laurent11's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Exactly what I needed."

Roland JUNO-D
See other reviews.
I am basically an acoustic piano having back problems, and seeking a synth to play him in the horse repeatedly. The criterion "weight" is more important than the criterion "hacking sound. I am not a professional but an amateur who plays frequently for the past 15 years. My record is essentially jazz, with frequent forays into funk.
In short, I am not at all a "keyboard player" in the sense that his work (edit, import, midi, etc ...) does not interest me. As long as I sound and rhodes piano okay, I'm happy.
I wanted to say, given the profile of the musician is highly dependent on the opinion he has on his instrument ...


The synth is very light, which is very important for me having my back. It is relatively small (61 keys) and end, which really helps to carry around everywhere.
The configuration is simple and very intuitive, I never opened the manual!
It is wrong also because the opportunities are enormous beast. Any takers of hacking, there's plenty to do!
The sounds are not editable, it seems to me, but for fans, there is a model Juno Di which is a bit more expensive but allows the manipulation '.


As I said in intro, I am basically a jazz pianist, acoustic, playing funky from time to time.
I am very attached to my acoustic piano sound, vibration of the instrument.
Therefore, obviously, it's not on my Juno that I sound Steinway!
And yet, despite the fact that I am demanding nature "sound", I must say I am very pleased with this keyboard.
The sounds of Rhodes and organ are really great, realistic, and we feel that the attack button will vary the sound.
The piano sounds are more than correct, I've played in groups with and it works very well.
The keyboard is quite comfortable, I never thought that a pianist does swearing by the heavy hit as I can be comfortable on it. While the keyboard is soft, but I've played much worse, and you get used quickly, in fact.

Of course the sounds are not as good as the Korg SV1 I tried not too long ago. But the difference in price (1500 euros!) And the weight would be justified only if you have a strong back, budget, total allergy keyboard light, and you really do not want to, but then really do not want play on imitation certainly imperfect but very correct sounds of piano and organ.


This keyboard is really exactly what was needed for me.
As I said before, the opinion on the instrument varies according to the profile of the musician and your desires, so go try it before buying.

But honestly, for a really low price (around 400 euros), a ridiculous weight, sounds really good, as flawless reliability, I do not see what else is there to indulge in beef and be repeated without shit to lug around 20 kilograms of heavy electric piano to the touch.
When I want to go beef, tiny feet the Juno and lightweight are a blessing.

Maybe in the future, I sells it to buy the Di Juno, because apparently I could import sounds of piano and rhodes even more realistic.
But for now, given my budget, time available and the quality of the beast, the Juno D is sufficient to my happiness.

CroMignon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland JUNO-D
Everything is already said


It is essential to control the settings through the software. It's super easy if it galley!


As I already have a keyboard arranger, Juno is only intended as a synthesizer. Besides, it's a synth. Seek the opinions below rather arrangers when I read that the pianos are good bla bla bla!

I do not use the piano for a piano (I have what I need), I change the piano to become anything but a piano, a synthesizer is here! Sound design, edit, virtual.

I started 20 years ago by a Korg MS-10 (analog), then poly 800 etc. ...

All sounds are good ... edit: the aim of a synthesizer.
The effects are huge, powerful: the impressive digital (electro oriented, lacks a bit of heat, but payable in computer music)


+ Lead
+ Multi purpose
+ Knobs
+ Rendering
+ Software (Juno-D Editor Librarian)
+ Touch

- User memories just a little
- Beatbox useless on a synth
- Volume difference according to patch

Buy 150 euros in hand with warranty 6 months (in 2010)! What more?
For my current needs, yes I do it again this election
Tiger foods05/18/2009

Tiger foods's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland JUNO-D
See other opinion, too long to type


This is my first synth I find rglages, paramtrages ,.... too complicated, much like the first multi-effects for guitar, too long Settings, which is why I use only the sounds of orogine by modifying the sound with the potentiomtres , and in real time without saving changes. The manual is dcourageant, I have still not assimilated. I took 8 months to dip Performance mode .....

said in May 2009: in the end, extremely simple to use, but it's true that the manual is not clear Tropp, I triturated many sounds, I think going further, trying a + + synthesis and refined dot with a sampler and even more polyphony. I Relva my bill. However, a wheel and a notch rglage + t off would not hurt, but hey, considering the price ....


The sounds are really ralistes, I think: this synth is low on samples, so the sounds are trs correct, the piano sounds great, organs trs INTERESTED (I am of course harmony in a church with a real organ sounds are trs close!), however, I play with headphones to avoid GNER person, a good quality headphone is ESSENTIAL! According to the headset, the sound can be modified or ALTR. Natural Touch is trs, although the keyboard Ragit attack and inspires confidence.
I like the sounds + piano bright, warm and training, the organ sounds, the sounds of harp and the sound of the bell, trsralistes. For my part, I do not change the rglages, see above.

May 2009 said:
with the performance mode .... it's really better


Used for + / - 2 years, I find it useful to follow my trs being and harmony WRITING, donns on keyboard. I am a guitarist and do not have much possde keyboard technique, but I find this keyboard sounds trs good for this price. The seller had a big test on Roland amp and the sound I was immediately on his sduit ism. There are certainly better on the market but for me it is well trs, original presets satisfy me.

May 2009 said:

Once I fell into it ....... looking for a Submitted MODEL + + volumes to go away ....

wirman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland JUNO-D






Very good 61-key synth with MIDI ports (pc) and audio (amp, caspque), hundreds of sounds (piano, synthesizer, organ, strings etc. ......) good. My goal was to find a good 61-key not too big nor too heavy to the metal (mainly COB, Nightwish and Warmen) to rise up with variable angle. And I found the keyboard that I had not been able to buy a Korg X5 or X5D. I highly recommend it to anyone who seeks the same thing as me, because it is very easy to handle and sounds very powerful. =>

valerian95's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland JUNO-D
Together comprehensive enough.
For details, see the manufacturer's website


I find not super easy to use, but with the training even when you get there. I half days understand the "Philosophy" of edition in performance mode, and fawn split the keyboard.
For cons, the use of sound edition software is very easy, super fast .... it's simple to understand, the performance mode, for me, it is almost always with the app!
Note that this is my first synth so I can not be A reference in the field.


I am rather jazz (piano / bass / trumpet), variety Française (Berger ...) and electro (type Jarre), and I always find a nice sound to do what I want.
The sonorits sounds good to see very good, very varied.
on the other hand I noticed a lightweight sound degradation in performance mode (computer control multitimbral), as if the sound loses momentum, but remains very correct!
The keyboard is very "soft", a real synth what. I am a pianist at the departure, I thought it hard to adapt myself but it is easily accessible in the end.


I've had two months, I am very spot for the price. I think c'tait a good choice (the best, I know I have nothing to tell). It helps to have some fun and start with ease of handling Afternoon of a synth