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Fender Bandmaster user reviews

  • Fender Bandmaster (Blackface)

    Fender Bandmaster (Blackface) - "Where is the stage?"


    These Fender amplifier's a really fun amplifiers. They have a great tone and a brilliant clean tone that is very inspiring and works quite well with whatever guitar or effects that you use in combination with it. These amps have a familiar tone that …

  • Fender Band-Master VM

    Fender Band-Master VM - "Great, very versatile amp!"


    The Fender Bandmaster VM is part of Fender's recent line of "Vintage Modified" amplifiers, which take classic sounding amps like the Bandmaster (head and 2x12) and Deluxe (1x12 combo) and add a whole slew of great features including a second channel …

  • Fender Bandmaster (Blackface)

    Fender Bandmaster (Blackface) - moosers's review


    The Fender Band Master is a tube based guitar amplifier that has both a amp head and a very large speaker cabinet.  The speaker cabinet consists of four separate speakers and the amp has two channels.  The left channel is simpler than the second one …

  • Fender Bandmaster (Silverface)

    Fender Bandmaster (Silverface) - " great amp stage 60/70"


    tube amp power about 50 depending on the model 100w 2 head body with two 1-channel presence settings volume, bass, treble and second ditto more vibrato setting (trigger footswitch) in magnitude and depth there is no of other effects as vibrato his ma…

  • Fender Band-Master VM

    Fender Band-Master VM - " Skivvy!"


    Head 40w tube. There are also some transistors (especially the clean channel). 3 usable and independent foot switchable digital effects. No master volume (-1 for my note) UTILIZATION Simple configuration: channels each have their equalizer.…

  • Fender Bandmaster Reverb 5005

    Fender Bandmaster Reverb 5005 - " this is the amp I attendai or vice versa"


    head tube amp: 5ax7 pre amp 2 6l6 in amplification, plus another for reverb. Normal 2 inputs, volume, acute, severe, bright switch / 2 normal channels vibrato: same plus a trebble, vibrato intensity and speed, and reverbbbbbbbbbbbbb 40w power…

  • Fender Bandmaster Rev 12

    Fender Bandmaster Rev 12 - " it is a beautiful piece of furniture to customize"


    buy two months ago with the head going with (bandmaster reverb FENDER 1971) firm-level size could accommodate 4 hp 12 ", but only 2 yen. therefore it facilitates the transport. on the hp of Utah are 12 "ceramic, which are rather low end. the …

  • Fender Band-Master VM 212 Enclosure

    Fender Band-Master VM 212 Enclosure - " Good quality / price ratio"


    I use it since 2009 initially with a Dual Showman head with a head and Bassman (Blackface). I bought it because I have a 2x15 cab "which is heavy and bulky to transport for concerts. Manufacturing level, it's solid. It comes with a protective cover…

  • Fender Band-Master VM 212 Enclosure

    Fender Band-Master VM 212 Enclosure - stratosweet's review


    It's very good! I use it with a head Blacstar HT20, and compromise is terrible. The sound is very round and warm. Possibility to choose the input impedance. I am very satisfied and it is a choice I would do for that head anyway. …

  • Fender Band-Master VM

    Fender Band-Master VM - aurelman's review


    Fender all-tube amp with 2-channel effect 1canal clean 1canal drive 1reverb general 1chorus 1delay ger a footswicth for all this 1boucle effect of 2Quit 8ohm UTILIZATION Perfect for any SOUNDS fender fender saturat…