Fender Bandmaster Reverb
Fender Bandmaster Reverb

Bandmaster Reverb, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Bandmaster series.

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vaustell 04/23/2009

Fender Bandmaster Reverb : vaustell's user review


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I use a Fender Bandmaster amp head Reverb TFL 5005 D, 1974 all lamps (5U4GB, 2 6L6, 3 12AXT7, 3 12AT7)
This head delivers 45 watts. There are both channels with two inputs for each channel. No distortion (too old), however, there are on the second channel has a spring reverb and vibrato, all controllable with a football switch.On can adjust the intensity of the reverb, and intensity and speed of vibrato.


The setup is very simple, a jack in the desired channel (can not switched from one channel to another) then a special jack loudspeakers for the firm (2 X 12 ')

I have no manual because this amp is 35 and he's older than me.
At the sound, that mean? if you do not like the clean sound is not worth it.
However this amp delivers a grain of emergency. Many believe that Fender sound is crystalline. This amp has a fairly wide spectrum of settings that can vary the sounds. Too acute? cut and you will see that they cut vraiment.Pas low enough? mount them and see they really go up. In short all that to say that the EQ is great sensitivity.
There is also a small button called "bright" that will remove or boost the brightness of the sound.
You should also know that on this amp if you turn off the equalizer (no treble, no med, no bass) sound that you will not be released.


I use this head for the indie rock and I find it appropriate to style. I think it can be widely used for peaceful rock type or rock post rock prog. But it may also have a big sound in the bass and drying by wearing a big fat distortion.

I use a Stratocaster U.S. Standard 1991 (You would understand I'm a fan of Fender) and half a score of effects, I will not list them all. I especially love my 3 distos (radial hot british, RAT2 Proco, Boss OD and 2) I use a small stone elctro harmonics of 1979. So I have lots of choices of settings with both the clear sound without the overdrive sound. For example, my disto allow me to have more saturated fat or crystalline depending on the settings. tansdis phaser that brings the sound clear.


I use this amp head for 10 years, I've had is 15 and I buy 800 francs or 120 euros. (I know it's gonna hate me) At the time of vintage fashion did not exist. I bought it without even knowing what I buy, I found it simply beautiful. I remade the course maintains above since (changing bulbs)

There is a very emotional dimension between this amp and me. I'm not objective about certain issues.
With experience, I would do this choice, especially for the price I paid but it's over, I know that I never find such an amp made for a marshall MG 10.

Now with the price it is I will buy other things can hearth. There are so many brands now.