Moog Music MF-105M Midi Murf

Moog Music MF-105M Midi Murf

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MF-105M Midi Murf, Filter from Moog Music in the Moogerfooger series.

6 user reviews
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Moog Music MF-105M Midi Murf tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Moog Music
  • Model: MF-105M Midi Murf
  • Series: Moogerfooger
  • Category: Filters
  • Added in our database on: 07/20/2009

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Moog Music MF-105M Midi Murf user reviews

Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 6 reviews )
 5 reviews83 %

wwhhhaatt's review"filtered moog goodness"

Moog Music MF-105M Midi Murf
The Moog murf is a digitally controlled analog filter. On the front panel it has controls for drive, output, mix, envelope, rate, a/b bank, and pattern selection.
There are also 8 sliders to control which frequencies are altered.

The rear panel has 1/4" jacks for input and stereo output. There are also stereo 1/4" jacks that allow you to use an expression pedal to control the rate, mix, envelope, and sweep along with a jack for tap tempo.


This is not a simple pedal by any means. Hooking it up is pretty straight forward but understanding the functions and knobs is a whole other story. You can just twiddle knobs and play with the sliders to get neat sounds out of it but it will just be guessing. The manual is long and very much necessary with this pedal as with most of the Moogerfooger line. I bought this used and did not receive a manual but it can be downloaded from the Moog website. Once you get a general idea of which pattern does what it becomes much more apparent what is happening when you turn the sliders.


The Moog murf has an active preamp in it that is always present in bypass and effect mode. Many guitar players complain about the preamp but I did not find it to be too bad, definitely not something that would stop me from using the murf.

The effect itself is just amazing sounding. There are not many other companies that can make modulation effects that sound this thick. From bubbly to bleepy all the sounds are just other worldly. I find it equally useable on guitar and synth with maybe a slight edge to synth as you have a wider range of tones to work with. I would describe the sound as a highly tweakable mix of sample and hold and step filter. The pedal sweeps through the frequencies selected by the sliders and filters them in the most Moogish of ways.

It is hard to rate it on functionality as it's really up to the user to understand how it works to get the most out of it. I really think the tap tempo is absolutely necessary. The effect really needs to be synced to the ebat you are playing otherwise it just sounds off. One you get it synced it can totally transform the tune you are working on.


This is pricey piece of gear that requires lots of reading and experimenting to really use well. If you like to just plug and play I suggest you find something like a sample and hold pedal to get similar sounds easier. If you are like me and enjoy tweaking and options then this is a great pedal.

moosers's review

Moog Music MF-105M Midi Murf
The Moog Music MF-105 Murf is a one of a kind pedal that is only made by the great innovators at Moog. Murf stands for multiple resonance filter array and this really produces a unique tone unlike any other pedal I have used. It is an analog pedal and has 1/4 inch inputs and outputs. It is not rackable as it is a stomp box.


The configuration of the pedal is pretty easy to follow, but due to its unique nature, it take a bit to understand exactly what each parameters does. You can get such a wide variety of sounds from this that it takes a while to learn what it all does. The manual is through and is helpful when learning the wonders of this pedal.


The sounds I get from the Murf are varied and extremely unique. Because of this it is hard to describe the sound it makes, so I would encourage those interested to take a listen to the sound bites Moog has on their website. It has paramteers for drive, output, rate, mix, envelop, pattern, bank, and has eight filters. The wide array of parameters makes for some truly interesting effects that can't be gotten with any other unit.


I've been using the Moog Murf for about two years. It is by far the most interesting pedal I have ever used. The sounds I get range from traditional filter and resonance sounds to some crazy undefinable sounds. Moog makes great products in the form of both pedals and synthesizers, and this is just another gem from a company with a great reputation. This pedal is pretty expensive, but it is extremely well built and intricate in both control and tone. Overall I love the Moog Murf and can't say enough about the interesting sounds I can get with this.

songboy's review

Moog Music MF-105M Midi Murf
This is a multi stage filtering effect. To me, it basically turns everything into analog arpeggios. This is all Analog. You get 6 knobs 1 switch and 8 faders for all the editing you can stand. No computer connections. It is all 1/4" audio and expression jacks. It is rackable with the rackmount accessory (fits 3 mf pedals all together).


It is relatively easy to start creating sweetness with this pedal right off the bat. With 12 knob selected presets and the faders adjusting your individual filters, it is exceptionally easy and fun the play with this guy. I don't own this pedal, but I used it in the studio for two weeks without reading the manual and got some sick sounds out of it. My experience with moog manuals in the past has always been great, so I have no reason to doubt this one.


This is an effect in its own world. Simply saying it is good is an understatement. As for "real"....reality will leave you while you play with this mama. There is nothing to dislike about this pedal (even has tap tempo option with optional pedal) and everything to love.


Again, I only used it for two weeks in a studio, but what a blast. The best thing about it is its ability to take a single note and turn it into a ping ponging wild sound. This is the only thing I know like this with possibly the exception of the Mutronics mutator, but I never had the pleasure of one of those. It costs about $400 dollars, which has been out of my budget for a little while. But as soon as I can afford it, I will get it, and never regret.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Moog Music MF-105M Midi Murf
characteristic of the form AF:
<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>Murf is Multiple Resonance Filter Array, a set of eight filters frquence fixed rsons Moog and quality, 100% modular analog as the dr. Robert Moog. Animation section allows squence envelope 8 filters according to 24 patterns.
Set of 8 filters rsonance
Rglage DRIVE: Adjusts the gain of the circuit of audio
Rglage OUTPUT: Adjusts the output volume when the effect is active (useful for assaying the amount of processed signal)
Rglage MIX: Sets the signal line rpartition / original signal
PATTERN: Selector of the 12 types of programs in each bank
BANK: Defines which bank is active
RATE: RULES rate of each pattern
ENVELOPE: Sets the envelope shape of each pattern
FILTERS: Contrlent gain for each of the following bands: 200 Hz, 300 Hz, 450 Hz, 675 Hz, 1KHz, 1.5 KHz, 2.2 KHz, 3.4KHz.
DRIVE LED: 3-color LED, indicating the level of
BYPASS LED: Bi-color LED indicating the status of the unit (red bypass, green: active)
RATE LED: Indicates the speed of the effect
Jack enters 6.35 line level +4 dBm, 1 MW impdance
Stereo output (mono left) on 6.35 jack line level +4 dBm, impdance 5 kOhms
Stereo mode, the output frquences left out the following: 200 Hz, 450 Hz, 1 kHz, 2.2 kHz, while the output right out frquences the following: 300 Hz, 675 Hz, 1.5 KHz , 3.4 KHz
Catch RATE, MIX, ENVELOPE, LFO / SWEEP are 6.35 and jack PDAL accept any of the CONTRL equivalent EP-1.
Power provided 9Vdc</span>

basically it is a kind of filter sequencbr /> is that the analog.
the effect of the gain knob gives pretty trs saturations ...
Obviously the effects are editable (of course since there are no presets or can save)

there a connection cv / gate, and audio
MODEL is a rack puisuqe you can buy the kit for that.
I put 9 for the lack of midday but hey it's not even one gene is actually quite pleasant ... we Travels, etc ... we try


The general config is simple, the instructions trs well done (in English ...)
edition of the sounds is very simple: you turn a knob acts ca.
the knobs are trs trs pleasant to touch.
they are big turn with the resistance just enough and trs sensible.

This machine is innovative in concept, I tried to find the equivalent in virtual (on reaktor / msp max) but I did not find ...
I really want to get into the realization of such a machine in reaktor ... I would put myself when I finished scotch the possibilities of this "simple" effect pedal.

Personal I have tried in three configs diffrent trs and the results were interesting:
tr606> MuRF (bar analog)
jen s2000> MuRF (mono analog synth oscillator ...)
5 string bass Noguera Expression> MuRF

I hate to try it on a flute ...

same jack is a nice buzz in the pedal ...

it's incredible potential that this pedal gives the instrument for which much less is sufficient harm themselves.

I put 9 because a have always want more, always want more but have good huh ...
they really do a good job this trs pedal (which I do not use the feet but the hand).


The sound is really beautiful trs (mmm, saturation ...)
the effect enormously widens the range of your stereo sources from monophonic to the principle of the pedal (and pulls down her actually filter and a selection of 2 is assigned to left and half right).

really for the trs is pretty.
ca and relieves the fact to say wow I slammed this thing for 350 euros. ca's worth (not necessarily for everyone but for what I want to do so ...)

I put 10 Nothing to say about the sound ...


I bought it yesterday, I went to bed later (check! night watch in the pub) I lev earlier, and I'll stay up late again tonight ...

is an effect I had never heard of a rare equivalent.
I have not tried the equivalent model in advance of your ...
report quality price is right (although it's been a bit expensive but well ...)

I think I would do this choice without hesitation, it's really a nice little pedal that really knows its originality and be trs musical ...
I really want to buy me the processor to control moog me look like a really nice complment the pedal and provides (as I understand) opportunities as rare as the pedal itself ...

I also necessarily suspicious about other moog fooger ...

I know that many other creations of mr moog but in any case just for this pedal bravo, it's rare for a manufacturer of hardware that offers something innovative without neglecting the quality ...
albeit at a price ...

I pay my 10 go here too

editaujourd'hui I sold it because I have other priorities, the reflection was difficult ...

Moog Music MF-105M Midi Murf news

Moog discontinues 2 Moogerfoogers

Moog discontinues 2 Moogerfoogers

Published on 05/01/15
Moog announced that they are discontinuing the Moogerfooger MF-105M MIDI Murf and MF-107 Freq Box.

Moog MF-105M MIDI MuRF

Published on 08/03/11

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