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MOTU FireWire audio interfaces user reviews

  • MOTU 8pre

    MOTU 8pre - "One of those things that wouldn't hurt to have in the studio." has images


    It's not at the top of my list, but it's no where near the bottom. It was obtained in a bundle deal and it pays for itself every time I use it. I probably wouldn't have bought one, and it would have been a shame. This thing is reliable and sounds gre…

  • MOTU 828 mk3 Firewire

    MOTU 828 mk3 Firewire - "Usable"


    The MOTU 828MK3 is a firewire or a USB connected interface. The manual was easy to read through and understand making the set up process very easy. It is rackable taking up one rack stace and it also has on board effects. The support with this produ…

  • MOTU 828

    MOTU 828 - "Used for many years, and I was very satisfied"


    The Motu 828 interface is run by fire wire and not USB which is one of the reason I took a lot of interest in it. When the Motu 828 first came out all the kept saying is that it was going to change the face of computer integration with audio interfac…

  • MOTU 896

    MOTU 896 - "Very well built unit"


    This Fire Wire interface was used to replace our PCI set up that we had. It was a lot easy to use and better for use to use this interface than use the one we were using. The MOTU 896 changed a lot of my views on Fire Wire interfaces, at first I was …

  • MOTU Traveler

    MOTU Traveler - "Used it for 2 years"


    While using the Motu Traveler I was able to get really good results when using it with my Power-book, I first started using the Traveler back in June of 2008 to be exact and used it all the way up till about the summer of 2010. The pre-amps are pret…

  • MOTU UltraLite

    MOTU UltraLite - "I wish it was rackable."


    The Motu Ultra Lite is a audio interface that connects to your pc through fire wire, you computer would need to have a fire wire port in order for you to be able to use this device. If you don’t have a fire wire port on your computer don’t even both…

  • MOTU 828 Mk2

    MOTU 828 Mk2 - "rack it up!"


    The MOTU 828 MK2 is a 14 x 10 audio and MIDI interface designed for the home studio DAW that will support up to 96 kHz. For such a little unit, it’s actually got a good amount of versatility and options. It’s a firewire based unit, consisting of two …

  • MOTU UltraLite

    MOTU UltraLite - "for your home studio"


    The Motu Ultra Lite is a simple, USB audio interface for use in home studios. This type of interface is a perfect way to start building your small home studio. It's definitely not going to be adequate for an sort of in depth recording, but if you're …

  • MOTU 896 Mk3

    MOTU 896 Mk3 - "What's not to love!"


    28 channel in/28 channel out firewire interface. 8 instrument/mic in and outs 16 ADAT/Toslink i/o Spdif and AES/Ebu i/o DSP powered effects. UTILIZATION On Mac I just love Motu. This is my 3rd Motu interface. On PC I'd rather use something li…

  • MOTU 828 Mk2

    MOTU 828 Mk2 - "Not impressed, dull recordings compared to other interfaces."


    I travel sometimes and help out friends with studio projects. In my travels I sometimes use great gear and sometimes not so great gear. This one is the later in my opinion. I spent two weeks at a friends home studio doing a project with him and h…