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Boss Choruses for Guitar user reviews

  • Boss CE-3 Chorus

    Boss CE-3 Chorus - "Discreet and effective"


    Boss chorus pedal, mine is made in Taiwan (or Formosa, for erudites and old dogs) and it's Green Label. It has two controls, depth and rate, and a third one to output sound to two amps: so, two outputs. You can either output the chorus on both or th…

  • Boss CE-2 Chorus

    Boss CE-2 Chorus - "Nice classic chorus unit."


    The BOSS CE-2 is one of the original chorus units made by BOSS in the early eighties. It was the first chorus made by the company to be put into one of their classic stomp box casings and it has a nice simple control layout as well. The two controls …

  • Boss CE-2 Chorus - Modded by Keeley

    Boss CE-2 Chorus - Modded by Keeley - "Super thick chorus"


    I should note that there are two different versions of this mod that Keeley does. One is the standard Hi-Fi mod and the other is the Speedy Hi-Fi mod. This is the Speedy Hi-Fi mod version. The pedal looks exactly the same on the outside, but Keele…

  • Boss CH-1 Super Chorus

    Boss CH-1 Super Chorus - "Nice Chorus"


    The Boss CH-1 is the best selling chorus pedal out by Boss at the moment. The pedal has an Effect Level knob that adjusts the amount of chorus that is mixed with the dry tone, an EQ knob that adjust the amount of high end on the chorus, a Rate knob …

  • Boss CE-2 Chorus (Japan)

    Boss CE-2 Chorus (Japan) - "One amazing pedal"


    One of the great units from Boss back in the 80's. The CE-2 was the first compact pedal chorus from Boss. The CE-1 was released 1976 and contained the exact same circuit as the Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120 Amp. So to have the same specs as the Roland Ja…

  • Boss CE-3 Chorus (Japan)

    Boss CE-3 Chorus (Japan) - "No real differene that the Taiwan"


    This was the third edition to the chorus line from Boss back in the 80's. The reason primarily for this pedal to become produced was the need for two outputs. The CE-2 only has one output and there was a need to run the pedal in stereo, so this pedal…

  • Boss CE-3 Chorus (Japan)

    Boss CE-3 Chorus (Japan) - Stormleader's review


    The BOSS CE-3 Chorus pedal was made from 1982 to 1992. The model that I have is a Green label that was Made in Japan. The feature set on it is pretty standard, but there are a few interesting things. The features are as follows: - Mono in, abilit…

  • Boss DC-3 Digital Dimension & Digital Space-D

    Boss DC-3 Digital Dimension & Digital Space-D - "Dimension 3D"


    This was Boss's second installment of the dimension chorus pedals even though it is label Dc-3. Boss tends to just put numbers after the acronym to give it a new name and compound on the existing platform. The Boss DC-3 is not an analog pedal. Wh…

  • Boss DC-2 Dimension C

    Boss DC-2 Dimension C - "Unusual to be loved"


    Boss came out with pedal in 1985 as a unique chorus modulation tone. This is one of the strangest pedal I have ever seen from Boss. They only made it for four years and ended manufacturing in 1989. Dimension C is an analog pedal that allows its us…

  • Boss CE-3 Chorus

    Boss CE-3 Chorus - hugab's review


    Made in Taiwan version. A Rate control for the effect's speed and a Depth control, plus a control to choose stereo or mono. And there's the rub: It has no volume control to adjust the influence of the effect on the sound, it would've been a much more…