Boss DC-2 Dimension C
Boss DC-2 Dimension C
TheJeff666 10/22/2013

Boss DC-2 Dimension C : TheJeff666's user review

«  Another DIMENSION your sound ... »

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Value For Money : Poor
It's a bit difficult to describe the effect it looks like a chorus but in fact it is a kind of double delay that sounds like a kind of chorus that does not turn ... I have been clear?
An input, output mono or stereo. I use it in stereo, exclusively in its clear or very light crunch or drive, this is the way that the term dimension takes its full extent (config stereo home studio with two palmer pocket amp). Not engaged, it also serves as my signal splitter, no coloring of the sound, although this is not true bypass.
No settings available, only 5 presets and 4 selection buttons. When no button is pressed and the pedal is on, it was the first preset, very light and subtle and beautiful already, I used a lot. Then the following four presets will crescendo in the depth of the effect. There's nothing to take ...


No configuration, no manual, no editing ...
Perfect ...


Technically, it is a very very light version of roland dimension D, designated for guitar input level, only mono ... sniff ... the little purple beast embarks 2 Bucket Brigade Delay (it seems that it is too classy to have BBD today ... long live the hype!'s, I admit that it is a class. ..), and the recipe is the mix between the two modulated delay line and clear, to get to the end of something much more subtle than a chorus, and a spatialization absolutely superb sound Stereo ...
Another DIMENSION ....
I use it exclusively in stereo and clear sound in a home studio, preferably with fine and precise guitars in this register (Jazzmaster, vox standard 25 eko manta in my set ....). It's very simple, the sound takes another dimension in the mix with this purpose. I can make a natural balance and pedal very well accept other upstream effects, including light drives. A phaser mono input of the DC 2 and you end up with a stereo phaser with incredible finesse. Stereo output of CD 2, I sometimes stick my eventide space in stereo and it becomes multi-dimensional ....
Arpeggios, casseroles, phrases, solos, everything passes, the more subtle and discreet more experimental (position 5).
The pop ballad plans new wave in funk and jazz, and beautiful arpeggios with a single much more subtle than the chorus ...


Used for two years with a daily jubilation. It is because of this pedal that I paid a stereo setup and I do not regret it ... It is permanently connected in my home studio, and I have to play a clean sound I go through it systematically ...
In 30 years of guitars, I tried analog and digital effect packets .... for modulations, I made the choice of digital (zoom MS100BT for stereo and AdrenaLinn III for experimentation and fun), I used too little to invest in an array of pedals analos overpriced by against 11 I drive pedals, distortion and fuzz analog ... But my Boss DC2 I never lâcherais (my single pedal boss ...), I intend to bury me with the same ...
Question value against price, on occasion, it is very expensive it must be admitted, but less than 200 € rush, if you have the money and the use of this type of pedal is the guarantee an absolutely unique sound, especially if you have a stereo setup.
I've had the chance .... I knew this effect have played with in the 90s, and it is an old friend who gave it to me because he no longer plays guitar. This really is a very old friend, rocker the first time ... At first I refused, pointing to the side on occasion and the scarcity of the product, but he insisted .... a very big thank you to you Gilles.