Guyatone MM-X Metal Monster
Guyatone MM-X Metal Monster

MM-X Metal Monster, Distortion from Guyatone in the Flip series.

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All user reviews for the Guyatone MM-X Metal Monster

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 13 reviews )
 13 reviews100 %
Value For Money : Excellent

seinthomas's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" THE distortion pedal"

Guyatone MM-X Metal Monster
Distortion pedal lamp / transistor
input, outpout, power and control knobs (with parametric medium)
All steel, super sturdy the ptiote.


The config is very simple, managing parametric midrange demand still some time to adapt when you do not know.
The knobs are really effective over their entire range, even if the gain of an issue already settled three sacred sauce with a micro active.


Degree of parametric pocket, we manage to spit out any style of sound this pedal.
It is not dedicated to the metal, the sound depends greatly on the guitar you have in the paws, especially on the type of microphone you use. With assets of type 81, 3 Gain on tape already in records old school thrash, with a double liability, we find the same sound with the gain set to 6 / 7. Not tried with single coil pickups.
To make it sound less violent on record, just down the microphone volume, the beast continues to sing without loss of quality but less aggressive. We can go down to the rock muscular, less than that I have not tried.
the thing I like in this pedal really is the attack of madness that it has the grain on mute to "scratch", and timbre that can go from ultra dry to round type 5150 hardcore to Hatebreed.
Lamp colors the sound so it's true, I have received from the former owner with a EHX in the trunk, and all the lights I've tried is the one with the largest dynamic in attack fairly dry and ultra tight grain. (Right now, I opted for a GE in January that offers a bit less violence in attack and a slightly less tight grain too)
As against it must be borne in mind that this is a light mix / transistor, and it shows. After 5 / 6 on the gain, we keep the side "tube" sound with more distortion on one side transistors "randall" who go out more and more of the mix, and honestly, it EXCATEMENT the sound I was looking for. It's a little accident that I found but what happiness. Find a head that will get me out the sound (except the new series Randall RV, V2, T2 etc ...) is almost impossible and certainly not for an investment so small.

Used with a Johnson JS910 EMG81/85 and equipped with a Dean ML79 L500Xl equipped with Bill Lawrence bridge, stock (Dean Zebra) for the handle.
I use this pedal on two pure transistor amps clean channel (Marshall 8240 and H & K Warp 7 head)


Used for 4 months, I have a banana as always crazy when I turn it on. The 8240 has a stereo chorus for his 2x12, and this distortion with the Guyatone oats really severe.
I tried a lot of models, but this little beast is the devil really has!
Assets: All
Cons: the input / output jacks original females were bitten by oxidation (10 years even when the pot) and caused a bad contact, I decided to change and it is left as 40. I analyzed a little circuit and other components, the rest is aging very well, no need to worry.
Choices to make and remake my friends!

dismember's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Guyatone MM-X Metal Monster
Brief description already mentioned repeatedly:

Gain control
Setting EQ: Low, High and medium with a frequency adjustment for the latter
Volume control
Supply 12VDC

Tube distortion pedal (a 12AX7 it seems to me)


Is a distortion pedal, no need for manual ....


So I bought this pedal without having tested and used. Well I do not regret my choice.

I use it on a tube amp that I built (a G5) and frankly it sounds god of fire.

The sound is warm (maybe being in any lamps), the pots are responding pretty well, all the harmonics emerge alone. The grain is relatively tight. This is a really good distortion for metal.

Note that the greater the volume or gain more than it blows and it means a lot. I want to say: Gate mandatory! Apart from that I have not much to criticize this pedal ... one could say it's a bit expensive but honestly it's worth it!

I also had my first try on a Behringer GX110 amp has transistors, it was very ugly. I sincerely believe that it should not react like the type of amp, like any pedal, but it's really obvious. I should add that I had also tested on an amp Line 6 modeling (I can not remember the model) was better than the Behringer but much less than my all lamps ....

I found (in my experience) that to use this pedal on a tube amp or so on a very good transistors. Anyway there is no secret, the sound is always the image of the weakest link, it was nice to put a super distortion, but a rotten amp, it sounds like the amp "rotten". Unless I hear otherwise.

PS: I put a Boss HM2 series ...... and we go for a good Swedish death metal, huge! what resemblance! on the other hand Gate MANDATORY there.


I use it for 1 year. I tried a Line 6 Uber Metal, fortunately I did not price this stuff, it sounds artificial and synthetic super side.

I love the color it gives the sound a little color and personality without having something far too typical. The sound is great, I can not get enough.

Given the quality of the distortion and the price of some less good, if not excessive.

I remake that choice without hesitation

Tch3tch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Guyatone MM-X Metal Monster
See below;)


With 5 knobs and a half, I can not say that a is difficult to use this pedal! In contrast, contrl are ultra sensitive (as the range flip) so do not expect to find the right rglage now!

I stress the point because I have just changed rglage taking more time to assess the tense of each potentiomtre (including the Mid / Frequency, which is not empty casually). .. So, I stole DEFINITIONS and power while keeping the same sound!

When it is said that more bah pedal goes from blue to hardcore and everything in the existing mtaux .... it's no joke.


Hard not to talk about his putting WORDS IN LARGE CAPS IN ALL DIRECTIONS. It's magnificent, ultra powerful, specific on hot ... It's just SOUND mtal in all its glory!

Palm mutes and solos clap ... Raaah .... this little grain is just irresistible.

The Metal Monster is not "better" than other distortion pedals to .... It plays right into another View Categories.

I have no amps, and I'm enjoying the sound of the Metal Monster directly into my sound card ... and I must say that I do not see the intrt put an amp in between!

My Yamaha Drop 6 rings beautifully (even with its mid-range microphones) but with a good mic (in my case a Lundgren M8) dmentiel is just incomparable, phnomnale.


I recently used prs a year or almost daily, I test everything that is done in distortion in big music fan that I am a bully and, I repeat, this pedal plays View Categories in another.

If she releases them, I think I could one, and then another and then another!

It's not an opinion that I do is a Statement by love;)

asyd's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Guyatone MM-X Metal Monster
Everything t said ... it's a good pedal (lamp), not a multi-effects.


... It's a pedal ... nothing simpler ...


By L against, it has something to say ... it's MONUMENTAL!
I quite possde distortions (Mesa Boogie V Rocket, MXR Dime Distortion, Micro Metal Muff, Marshall Shred Master, tube screamer, plus distos the Boss GT-PRO), and although none worth the Wheels of Terror.
This pedal is really above the rest, the sound is nickel: add a compressor, a high-cut filter and it is perfect, nothing else needs to have a clean, powerful sound.
Moreover, this pedal is very versatile, we can go from blues to metal without problem and always with a superb quality.
Whether with my Start 'or my Les Paul (active EMG 81 and 85 as the master Zakk Wylde) has sounds great while keeping spcificit sound of each guitar. And of course connected to a tube amp and a 4x12 cabinet ... We find ourselves wrapped in the middle of this beautiful distortion ... It is hot and dry time.
Like what lamps still aurront top ...


I use it for 4-5 years, as cit above I have a lot of other distos, I also tried a sacred number in the last 15 years but not a arrives ankle Flip Monster.
If there is indeed a pedal that I never resell this is it l.
Edit: well if I finally sold it, but for some reason chgt config ', and in need of funds, I'm sure I will regret later ....

smk059's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Guyatone MM-X Metal Monster
**** UPDATE ****

Tube overdrive pedal

parametric equalizer medium setting bass / treble, gain, level.

In / Out Dc input

Non True Bypass (TBC).

He who says that she is not strong n is asked me to taste what he smokes ...


There are sounds in each notch of knob, the mids are boosted hollowed or excellent, very efficient setup, and finally a pedal on which to base the gain is useless ..

Very simple to use (a metal tube which zone).

The only way to really lose sy to find a specific sound.


Means on the signal processed by the lamp, the quality is really the appointment.

crunch of interesting saturations terrible and lots of possible settings to play in different registers (Grind, Brutal Death, Death mash ', Hardcore, Punk, Rock, Hard, Blues .. if so, ect .....).

C is that it would make a great preamp this pedal, if it was designed this way ..
I used with the:

LTD MH-400

j've finally found a real powerful and devastating play of death.
this pedal is outstanding.



Tested with:


Groove-tube (12AX7 R2)

The GT stands out and electro H. s comes out well.

I now test it with a Tung ground.


Since December 2007 using this pedal j

I believe that There is no better saturation for the metal, and everything electrical from elsewhere.

After several tests on several brands> THERE IS NO PHOTO

The value for money is questionable from the fact that it charges the skin of the luc an imported product.

! THE BUY! You will understand!

Leaving to go to a billionaire ('m worker) i bought the new MMX and sold the other, which worked well ... Just as I wanted it fresh for a while ..

The new price descent, and it is good to check from time to time the argus ..
Slaytanic Cheub12/21/2007

Slaytanic Cheub's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Guyatone MM-X Metal Monster
Team distortion pedals of a 12AX7 tube, between a power supply 12v, parametric EQ, one in, one out .... easy! All in a beautiful chrome metal box with a grid that exudes the lamp.


Config gnrale: super simple, plug and play, a sound, for against external power required, are you a good if not a transformer buzz, especially with high saturations.

To find a particular sound, the EQ paramtrique is formidable: "Oh that sound like the dchire, ah, and then also the one, and then it looks like the amp" in short, it is lost in rglages hours, but overall sound was great all the time ... see below ...

Small BMOL: This PDAL spits some bass, but much treble, even with the bass knob back and the other one: I do not blame him, but having tried e on a line6 spider II combo numrique and a head lamp + body vh100 laney 2x12 marshall, the charge is the same in both cases. (Guitar + EMG ESP horizon). It can be of my config, but still, a simple change in value of condo or Resistors should quickly correct the default.

Apart from a, no manual: USELESS!


Prcedemment pedals used:
Boss Metal Zone
Korg Hyper Distortion 104D
DOD Death Metal
Metal Muff
Behringer + disto type or Line6

The pedals are dmarque really far from the competition: the effect of the lamp is trs Submitted, whistling harmonics, the distortion is warm, or trs aggressive, with lots of body, thank you EQ!
No need to push: Gain 4 / 10, and it is MONSTROUS personal dj is my limit, APRS becomes downright dirty, this is simply overkill pedals.
Config 2: Room on a Line6 Spider II 30w or repeated on a head lamp + vh100 Laney 2x12 Marshall, in both cases adpote! Many acute, however, and little low, but hey, the knobs of the trs trs qualisation are effective (I know I RPET).

I plan to try it on an Orange 4x12 cabinet in a ... Actually I trpigne of impatience!

Otherwise, for crunch, and although my faith trs are correct if we play well on volume! I thought it would be a better, but not wanting to have their cake and butter ... it does not t Designed initially for a


I use it for 15 days, I had the opportunity to possder or prter me a lot of pedals to distos diffrent (see above), but never really satisfied.

I bought this one on the internet for 90eur! in having never cost you, the pellet by simple curiosities of APRS laisss prcdemment advice.

I had a pleasant surprise trs by connecting for the first time, feeling that was confirmed over time by refining the rglages. I do not really regret my choice. a ring of hell. try it once in your life!

Hawkai's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Guyatone MM-X Metal Monster
A lot of good things have already been swept on this point. The setting makes a big difference compared to other pedals like Dime or GT2 Sans Amp (and it is much better than that of MT2 ca course). The lamp ... ca still feel what they say.

Only point which I will really: the transformer is provided, that's the most, the least is that if you prefer to use your distortion on batteries with this one it will be impossible since it only works on transformer (AC mean also include strips ;-) ). (Incidentally ca hot in summer in a small room is a bit heavy but really good ... a detail)

But it's really all we can have him repprocher in this area.

Another plus: the stealth switch it's still very nice


Manuel is going on, sound editing, since we live in "analog" in any case everything goes by without pots menu so you can easier to handle.

In contrast to what is to take control of the beast, we must admit a little time is needed to really get used to it and learn what you want, know how to use a parametric filter is still in its base but this applies as we have explained qq'un. Once it is done it's going relatively well and quickly.
Let me clarify a little special here that I could see:

The Baxendale (low and high) may seem more or less effective depending on the amp or system is used Decout, so on some systems they may seem quite inefficient but rest assured you will be required when you will be happy to find them when same. With some amps there are problems of unwanted feedback in the low notte (especially with the settings of the most "metal" of parametric -> wholesale freq to 15H, 9am to mid level) and in these cases use to filter down low cut can really save your set without being destructive to the overall sound, the filter allows the same sharp.

para ... really nothing to say this is the big plus of this pedal's frequency band is very broad as it ranges from 200 Hz to 5 KHz memory (ie it joins Baxendale, being down to 120 Hz the treble at about 5K)
The level ... very effective, tend to enrich the sound by acute (which is quite logical). You will have a priori more than enough reserve power to see through a normal amp. Level control does not generate too much blast or parasite.
The gain ... again the impression that he will give you a lot will depend on the amp used. The pemière time I tried this pedal in the store was a rather good and I had Orange squarely been sawn by the quality of the distribution of the gain range. On average more amps that I used with it since bcp less obvious.

But to summarize: compare for example to some distortion of metal (the recent boss metal core) gain at least things can really not too powerful and gives the pedal more versatility than might be expected (see next ), at noon ... pest is already much more than what I had in my hands as long as the parameter is set correctly. Know that this will give you the impression of power in the sound does not come but the gain para. 7 Beyond the gain does little more than add the breath with the equipment that I use but it is really necessary to go so far to have a sound enough tears already. Then on the other amp headroom certainly will prove useful. It can also allow you to cause more or less according to Larsen you want a sound that quickly from testicle or not. In short no real concern either although it may still regret that any fully breath and other parasite product can really be annoying.
But HOnet ... if you set the sound effect of a thinking that everything is what the bottom ets best, no need to buy a good gear MT2 you will be fine ... and start to buy more by ear ^ ^

This distortion requires precise adjustment because the slightest rotation of a knob can change everything, in short, it takes a little finesse for a raw sound.


I use a telecaster deluxe + (ca not sound like a TV, it is equipped with Lace Sensor Doubel red and blue), I also have an Aria Pro II.

I tested a lot of amps: Crate, Seymour Duncan (yes they make amps), some models of Fender, a Marshall VS100 j'ia personal (but not too much testing with it). Normally I go through a multi effect with amp simulator (GX 700, adjustable metal amp) -> table mix mackie -> amp technics. Short by a stereo but with a pretty good chain, and am very happy with the sound it gives me in this configuration.
My particular use is: I needed a material that allows me not to depend too much on the amp because I made the commute between home and school of music (and I have to take the train, so no question of trainer is an amp), and over there j'ia not always the same amp. With this ca disto allows me to find still always about the same grain even if sometimes the adaptation is more difficult. For this particular use it satisfies me. If you have only one system you should see your account as well (but if you can, try it on your hardware)

Level sonic palette ... for metal bah that's how it works well, I give the main Heavy Metal (Sabbath, Blue Cult Ösyter, Maiden etc. ...), it works also for other kind of metal later (death black, Scandinavian etc. Nightwish, Hammerfall, Sonata Arctica, Evanescence, Finntroll, Lacuna Coil) Although I think the amp could not be preferred by some.

But, strangely, it is still difficult to break the color Heavy / Metal for distortion free, it is possible to get vintage and bluesy sounds with the gain between the minimum and 9H. To play as little with the guitar volume you can really have something very nice with a gain rather small (compared to the distortion or mm minimum gain is already too strong and where it will grow much once made background). In short it is not completely but much more versatile as you might think (I'm doing very well with the first album for Blue Osyer cult with a more heavy crunch that ... but a bit heavy if I want to ^ ^, or stuff like pink floyd).
Another important point: the sound of the guitar really means through the distortion, even in its many powerful set: I tested with the Aria (good but bad lutterie electronic) and there's no comparison between the two guitars . Knowing that the theorem says that the overall level of a chain corresponds to the level of the most rotten link in the chain ... when you hear the difference in quality on a link in the chain (in this case the guitar) is a good sign regarding the quality of distortion. The disadvantage is that if your guitar sounds bad, CA shall mean less distortion than with a "transparent" :-)


I've had six months and I use it more regularly than in the various settings mentioned above.

What I like most: the flexibility that allows the parametric gain and responsiveness of the nuances of the game and the volume of the guitar (I play a lot with the habit ... without removing the distortion I can go to almost a clear sound for arpeggios my big lead sound or power chords).

What I like least: no battery as possible but it is really incidental, ca a little hot for my poor room already over-equipped in unintentional radiator (mixing console, PC monitor, sound card rack ...) this summer it's going to be very painful. Brief details.

If the only thing slightly annoying is that on some amp is more hassle to rules, but if you still have the same ca do not interfere. The fact also that we can still end up with a noise level, see the feedback that can be troublesome, in short, to test your stuff anyway.
Pedal tested in comparison: a large package, almost all the BOSS, the Dime, the Sans Amp GT2, the classic RAT etc ... nothing in common with all this. Only the Dime and FREE amp stand out bcp but less opportunity to refine the sound (I highly recommend trying it without amp also very versatile with its "switch" but in an aesthetic medium matured given as just two Filters severe acute para mid no or not). The Dime goes in rhythm but in Lead ... yuck, the MM was near the velvet.
Value for money ... my time is expensive but I do not regret my investment for me is that I had better hands in terms of distortion and since the time I get that was worth the price. Especially since the only distortion to hold about the comparison are the same price range (the dime a little cheaper but really less, the price see GT2 mm + mm not much use, but comparable in quality) .

In short you will understand this choice I would do without hesitation and I urge you to try before you decide for a distortion pedal, you may well regret having bought another. The MM and the GT2 is what I've heard better for metal and a lot of other styles so I do not tell you to buy the closed eyes, always try before ... but think of these two disto before you decide for a cheaper pedal that you finally meet them.

groseille-21's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Guyatone MM-X Metal Monster
Everything is already said
6 knobs (5, in fact, since 2 in 1)
treble, bass, level of distortion, equalizer, volume.
pedal tube so warm sound, accurate, brief what fun!

block metal solid feel, but surprise at the switch, silent, unsettling at first because we do not know if lapédale is engaged: no "click".


No manual, but this is necessary? the sound quality remains quelqie something so subjective.

settings not obvious at first he must "Tatouille" a bit and spend time to find his account: the possibilities seem endless years 70 rock, 80's hard rock, nu metal's 90 ...
several possible combinations pity that there is no "memory" internal, one is obliged to use the notepad.


Once you have found what you're looking for: get the children because there
hot hot round powerful. As long as one is tattooed and shaven we take for Limp Bizkit and consors in the "Monster Garage" on TV.
I use it with a Marchall 100dfx and a gibson sg + compressor and I push the nose of fear to break down my walls. this pedal even "resurrected" my first skyscraper, a gretsch sync paul trains, and sincere sound is also with nickel!
Be careful when combining MANDATORY noise gate metal monster and compressor.


I qques months since I had left early and buy a good distortion Family type "uber metal", but when I tried it, ma ma mia, I passed.
well yes it is not given but 215 e really has to be won connue.Il Note that equivalent models (lamps and the whole shebang) is trading rather to the 500th.
I was looking for his biggest metal in addition to a rampage (Rocktron), and I am more than satisfied. With this pedal it was worth the money.

I would definitely do it again this election.

OwG's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Guyatone MM-X Metal Monster
Everything has been said before.
It's a distortion pedal with a metal type preamp lamp to warm the sound.
There are 6 knobs:
-Scoop (frequency corrector)

The case seems quite fragile, but it's still not a case beringuer: you can make the stage that you can not jump feet join the switch (and again) ...


It took me quite some time found my sound.
No manual but it will be good going as long as you know what are the knobs.
The gain adjusts the rate of distortion.
Allows the scoop to dig the sound and open a wide range of sound
After we find the three-band equalizer very efficient (just turn the knobs to realize it). It's really impressive
The level can adjust the sound to light or sound of your other distos ...


I use this pedal with a jackson dk2-s equipped seumour ducncan TB-4.
I have an amp like H & K Matrix 100.
I was amazed by the wide range of sound offered by this pedal. This thanks to the equalizer very effectively supported by the function scoop which opens new doors.
The sound is warm and round.
The headroom is incredible. You can play most styles in extre like black metal with no problem.
The sound is far from being synthetic it is not over mesa and company. But it is far from Technology Modeling believe me.


J'utlise this pedal for 2 months. I had a hard time adjust my sound (I have been very good jms: /) but once set you will not tire.

I referrer to choose.

Every time I recommend you try the metal muff electro-harmonix is ​​cheaper is very interresting.
The Setlaz07/23/2006

The Setlaz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Guyatone MM-X Metal Monster
Distortion pedal tube (12AX7)
The chrome aluminum casing is thick enough, with ventilation for the lamp, it will withstand any attack of the foot ^ ^

It is not true bypass, so the signal still passes through the tube and is heated (very good if you use a transistor amp ... just need a head lamp)

The switch is silent (it avoids the big "CLACK" between the clean and distortion)

It has a 3-band EQ with parametric mid

I put 8 because some reproach him not to be wired in true bypass and power supply I find very hot (9V DC 200mA)


Configuration simple enough, but many adjustment options thanks (because?) Of parametric mids.

Swich 1, 3-band EQ with parametric mid, gain, output level. Basic, nothing too, or missing


While the sound ... what a sound!
I use it with a head Sovtek MIG-50 (the best of clean) and an Ibanez with EMG-81 microphone.
The grain is modern, a little at a Mesa Boogie. The headroom is huge! (So ​​if you put a tube even more hi-gain type Tung Sol and Golden Dragon ... I dare not imagine the trick! Inside its huge !!!). The sound is very clear, not overly loaded with a particular frequency (it's not screaming like the MT-2 ... and the issue anyway, it did absolutely nothing, but then nothing at all! )

In short anyway, the name says: reserved for metal, I doubt that blueseux can find their account in there! (But you never know!)


I use it for 2 months on a tube amp and a transistor amp. She brings more to each of the two!

I tested different distortion pedal analog or digital (Boss MT-2, Line6 Uber Metal, MXR Dime ...) and the Metal Monster was really above the rest!

I purchased used € 150, if you find one, what a bargain!