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Apple Hi-Fi user reviews

  • Apple iPod 20 Go

    Apple iPod 20 Go - "The classic iPod!"


    Apple's Third Generation iPod was, for most people, their first iPod, and it was the generation of iPods that started it all. My particular model was the 20gb, although I later upgraded it to a different size. Overall, there were 5 different storage …

  • Apple iPod shuffle 2GB

    Apple iPod shuffle 2GB - "So portable, so simple!"


    The Apple iPod Shuffle, 2gb version (second generation), is one of the simplest, smallest, and easiest to use music players out there. For a device with no display, is it very easy to use and figure out. It has a master pause/play button, volume up, …

  • Apple iPod Nano 6th Generation

    Apple iPod Nano 6th Generation - "Don't consider it a nano!"


    The new Apple iPod Nano (6th generation) looks and functions quite differently than the previous iPod Nano's, and many people were upset by it. Notably, it is much smaller, and the features have been scaled back (it cannot play video, for example). B…

  • Apple iPod shuffle 2GB

    Apple iPod shuffle 2GB - yoTrakkz's review


    The apple ipod shuffle 2gig is a great little mp3 player. It is way more portable than any of the other ipod versions of these product because its so small and compact. You can literally put this in your pocket and have no worries about it breaking o…

  • Apple iPod 80 Go

    Apple iPod 80 Go - "This is it!"


    The Ipod has changed the face of the way we listen to music, everyone has an Ipod these days. This 80G Ipod has enough storage space on it for all of your music still with room to spare. The screen is nice big and bright for you to see extremely eas…

  • Apple iPod Touch 32 Go

    Apple iPod Touch 32 Go - "Top of the line Ipod touch"


    The Ipod touch is one of the best music players you can get now adays. The 32gb version is the largest one you can get. Some casual music fans might not need 32 GB but back in the day 32GB was a normal size for music players. Apple has kind of herded…

  • Apple iPod Touch 32 Go

    Apple iPod Touch 32 Go - "iPhone without the phone functions"


    The Apple iPod Touch is a phone-less version of the famous iPhone. It features most of the features the iPhone has, but the lack of a phone chip gives it extra room to throw in some more storage space. This is a device for those who already have a …

  • Apple iPod Classic 160 Go

    Apple iPod Classic 160 Go - "Old model still good but struggling"


    The original iPod took the world by storm and helped push the MP3 distribution into an unstoppable monster. The device that helped start it all was the iPod, now renamed the iPod Classic. It has gone through tons of different reiterations, and this…

  • Apple iPod Touch 16 Go

    Apple iPod Touch 16 Go - "Good music player that does more."


    The Ipod Touch pretty much changed the mp3 player industry. Before the Ipod Touch was around mp3 players were pretty simple. They just played music and you might be able to access a music store with them to buy songs. When the Ipod touch came out it …

  • Apple iPod mini

    Apple iPod mini - "Average mp3 player"


    The Apple iPod Mini was a miniature version of the famous iPod that Apple released from 2004 to 2005. The device contained a standard scroll wheel found on the older iPods, had a monochrome screen and was available in either 4 GB or 6 GB versions. …