Apple iPod mini
Apple iPod mini

iPod mini, Portable MP3 Player from Apple in the iPod series.

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The_Missing_Dude 05/20/2007

Apple iPod mini : The_Missing_Dude's user review


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Battery not reliable, but no known problems solved by Apple.
Dismantling consuming water as fragile.
Falls short in the bay every 6 months to comply with stringent guidelines on the battery.
Unacceptable from Apple for a device that cost 200 euros new.

Otherwise, apart from these problems écoeurent of the craft, listening to the sound is OK and cool features.
But 200 euros a disposable camera, daring!

Little follow-up, two Ipod in one year, both HS (drums, wheel ...)
Apple crisp detail, they do not repair, they change, which cut net guaranteed.
Visit the net and forums and more Audiofanzine you will see that it happens more often than we think.
I said, I am not a nag, I am very meticulous and careful. It's just that it's really not that good and that Apple knows what sickens me.