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Apple iPod shuffle 2GB

Portable MP3 Player from Apple belonging to the iPod series.

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JeffTadashi JeffTadashi

« So portable, so simple! »

Publié le 05/30/12 à 12:28
The Apple iPod Shuffle, 2gb version (second generation), is one of the simplest, smallest, and easiest to use music players out there. For a device with no display, is it very easy to use and figure out. It has a master pause/play button, volume up, volume down, fast forward (or skip), fast backwards (or skip backwards), and a master power switch. It also has a switch that triggers shuffle mode; usually you would keep this on. There is also a built-in clip on the back, which has nice spring action to it, and clips easy to just about any article of clothing. I love the simplicity and aesthetics of the design. It is very smooth, no unnecessary edges or bumps. In fact, the clip on the back is neatly designed to look like a semicircle and a triangle, which is very cool. There is also only one external port; the headphones and the charger and the computer connection all function on a special 1/8" port with an extra conductor connection. Very simple and very cool! It does require a special usb adapter dock, which is different than the multi-pin adapter that all other iPods and iPads use.

If you already use iTunes, setting up the iPod shuffle is a breeze, simply plug it in, set what playlist to fill the shuffle with (or fill with selections from the entire library), and it will randomly fill the shuffle for you. If you want, you can also turn off the shuffle mode, and set up an ordered song list (usually I would do this to listen to while albums front to back), and the iPod shuffle with play though the song list sequentially.

Using the shuffle is a breeze; there is an indicator light that flashes and changes colors, depending on the message it's trying to send, whether that be that it's low battery, it's currently paused, it's turned on, and so forth.

Overall, the iPod Shuffle is a great portable listening device, and if you need something simple and portable, this is the one for you.
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