Apple iPod Classic 80 Go
Apple iPod Classic 80 Go

iPod Classic 80 Go, Portable MP3 Player from Apple in the iPod series.

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Cyp! 12/21/2007

Apple iPod Classic 80 Go : Cyp!'s user review


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Good evening everybody,

I do not notice because I find the Previous iPod better than the previous ones.

At first sight we notice that it is much thinner than the previous ones for a capacity suprieure MODELS. Design a t amlior lines a little less steep.

At start we see that all the interface does change. It is DIFFERENT, but in terms of whether it is more enjoyable or not as Previous should try it.
Personnellementje is the most successful and enjoyable.

The first soft menu 1.1.0 bugg silent silent slow, the display also finally all silent super slow compared to MODELS 5.5.
The current update is 1.1.3. Has any amlior especially fast.
The classification of a t songs redone and allows compilations appear only under one name.
This update really amlior the quality of use.

For me the main amlioration is the quality of sound. It is really much better than the previous ones. (Compared to the mini, the shuffle and Video 5.5)

As for the Ogg Vorbis, it's true that Apple is abusing some APRS all this time ...
Ditto for the FLAC.
At the same time to promote the use of its own format Apple intrta Access in limiting competition, ...
A conversion is ncessaire ...

The screen has also changed t. It is brighter than the old MODELS.

Finally for short a complete overhaul. What rjouir owners of 5.5 and a few previous ones due by the quality of the iPod.

How long have I? Four months.

Pros: - Its amliorbr /> - brighter display
- Design finest
- Reduces size (relative to the capacity)
- Features amliores
- Environment more enjoyable

Cons: - scratches too easily
- No cover provided
- Seems weaker
- Headphones home not so horrible that a quality level but weak trs

MODELS essays: a few prs all iPods since their release

Report quality price: Not bad compared to the capacity. Better compared to the iPod line. No wins against competitors such as Archos or Crative.

You do again this choice: I think so.