Apple iPod Classic 80 Go
Apple iPod Classic 80 Go

iPod Classic 80 Go, Portable MP3 Player from Apple in the iPod series.

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vandyck 09/20/2008

Apple iPod Classic 80 Go : vandyck's user review


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I use this iPod for 1 year and I have also a Nano 1st generations. Clearly, the two are a delight.

The iPod is a multimedia Walkman simple (relatively guards) need to look for features exotic or unusual audio formats. If you are looking for a quality player in the report with unbeatable price / when the iPod is (may be) for you. Why "may be"? PCQ simply must first agree to fit the mold iTunes.

Personally it is a mold that horrified me for years, and then one day I wanted to have a library tidy and nicely Submitted. From the I chose the iPod Classic and has fulfilled all my expectations. I recommend it all, at least for goter its ease of use. But be careful, files correctly tagus mandatory.

Note also that the headphone is not perfect: the Classic tends to saturate (slightly) faster than most other brands rputes on quality audio.

PS: the artwork that appears n times for n pieces in cover flow, it is not a fatal to a RULES. But hey, it is still necessary to have the curiosities of the question.