Apple Ipod Nano 4 Go (2nde Gen)
Apple Ipod Nano 4 Go (2nde Gen)

Ipod Nano 4 Go (2nde Gen), Portable MP3 Player from Apple in the iPod series.

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tonioux 08/22/2008

Apple Ipod Nano 4 Go (2nde Gen) : tonioux's user review


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I use it recently ... I felt my take is actually a 8GB and 4GB is more than enough here for me the + and -:

The pros: The sound is by far the best MP3 player quality (it was not fisher price handy its been fun!), self! (5 hours compared to 2 to 3 / 4 of the archos ...) and especially the navigation of the iPod is by far the best!
The -: iTunes is much better than before but still a lot of functions to use hyper chiantes! and the price of accessories at the same time it's like apple audi if you want the quality to pay ...

with experience so I would do this choice because I compared a lot of player for over a year and is the one who came back each time, this latest generation of nano is really beautiful because the interface is very well, it's super small and very pleasant to use (and more I love musicall quiz that tests our ability to reconaitre music but it's a small detail) is now Apple's expensive but it's not as creative or sony or you pay the brand, here we do not fool the customer ...