Apple iPod 40 Go
Apple iPod 40 Go

iPod 40 Go, Portable MP3 Player from Apple in the iPod series.

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Gorax 06/20/2005

Apple iPod 40 Go : Gorax's user review


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40GB iPod running for 1 year.
For me a REAL rvolution! I use it in fact as replaceable of my CD, Vinyls, Readers decks in the end, this nice little box replaces a volume trs Whereas, including three cabinet full of CDs that are now duly ranks the cellar!
All my records are on a large hard drive and the ipod is a plate, simply. I still have my beautiful amp and tubes and this little prampli Casing (+ one cable) point.
Another crucial point: the navigation is so well thought that I rcoute pieces that I no longer cost for years, because the CD is at the bottom of a pile.
iTunes seems perfect, simple and convenient. Although sr everything works on Mac, so no problem, no crash (I have 4 Macs - work & home)
I took the option to save my CD in AAC, MP3 quality at significantly suprieure

I have not tried other, because the mp3 is not sufficient quality for me. In addition, Aesthetics, nothing happens ankle.

As this is not a player for me (except for holidays or when I go with friends), the price is - is justifibr />
This choice: Is there something else equivalent to what I expect?
The following is a well-sr iPod gnration following ...