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Hybrid synthesizers user reviews

  • Roland JD-Xi

    Roland JD-Xi - "This tiny synth could have been a giant – alas..."


    I’ve tried the JD-Xi at length for almost a month, but I haven’t kept it in the end. It’s a nice small synth with many an asset but also too many flaws (some related to its youth maybe?) led me to return it. It’s a real pity as this small machine …

  • Novation Peak

    Novation Peak - "The most analog digital synth around!"


    Hello, Here’s my first review, in the spur of the moment after discovering it for an hour now :) First of all, it’s beautiful and the finish is really great! Soundwise, well, what a killer! Everything works smoothly, with no unpleasant digital…

  • Roland JD-XA

    Roland JD-XA - "Inspiring! Very good sounds, but some notable flaws in design & ergonomics."


    Here’s my user review after a few weeks spent testing and using it. I hesitated between rating it 3 ½ or 4 stars, but still opted for 4. Unboxing: Once the synth out of its box and protective package, you immediately remark its interesting futur…

  • Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver Keys

    Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver Keys - "The Synth that ate my brain!" has images


    This synth has to be best invention Dave Smith has created under the DSI incarnation! The keyboard's action is top-notch and incredible aftertouch responsiveness, which on a machine in which you can modulate anything with everything, having aftertou…

  • Dave Smith Instruments PolyEvolver Keyboard

    Dave Smith Instruments PolyEvolver Keyboard - "pricey"


    This Electronic Keyboard has a ton of sound on it that I think are spectacular. It is probably one of my favorite poly keyboards. The bad thing about this keyboard is that the price makes it un buy able. There is no way that the average person on a b…

  • Korg Dw-8000

    Korg Dw-8000 - "Korg DW8000"


    I got it from an online store 5 years ago. It was always my dream keyboard because of its amazing sounds. I paid 500 pounds. It's an analog-digital hybrid; there are 16 samples instead of oscillators, but the rest (LFO, Amp, Filter, etc.) is analog.…

Translated user reviews
  • Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2

    Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 - "NEW PROPHET !!!"


    The Pro 2 is the latest in the series inaugurated by Dave Smith Prophet via Sequential Circuits in 1978 with the first of all, the Prophet 5. More than 35 after the series is always a guarantee of quality and still stands singularly competition both …

  • Korg Ex-8000

    Korg Ex-8000 - " good vintage and unique"


    is the rack DW8000, I've owned before. The rack version is much stronger: the keys are solid and frankly, the keyboard is not very comfortable, pretty basic and noisy (nothing horrible but as a master keyboard, blah). The joystick keyboard did not …

  • Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2

    Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 - " Exc"


    All Pro2 features are too numerous to list here, they are easily accessible on the site DaveSmithInstrument. However, the Pro2 has a hybrid design: 4 digital oscillators followed by two pure analog filters can be parallelized or serialized, 1 4-po…

  • Korg Dw-8000

    Korg Dw-8000 - "The hybrid made by Korg"


    The DW-8000 made its appearance in 1985, along with its little brother the DW-6000. Both synthesizers are based on a rather original architecture, unusual at the time, they are hybrids, as indeed the American Ensoniq ESQ-1. If the filter, envelopes a…