Waldorf Rocket
Waldorf Rocket
Maxidingue 01/28/2014

Waldorf Rocket : Maxidingue's user review

«  Amazing value for money »

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Audience: Beginners
No keyboard there is a sound module in a nice square box black / green screen printing, the most beautiful effect
11 knobs, 8 switches is simple. Full audio connectors in and out mono, MIDI, USB (which feeds the machine)
1 VCO, 1VCF (LP, BP and HP), 1 VCA always in simplicity
LFO 1 / Arpegiatteur
no effect
2 waveforms + waves in Waldorf

Monaural but thanks to a tip there is a mode that generates pseudo-polyphonic 8 channels at the same time, ideal for trance agreement


We can use simpler
We choose the wave or wave form, we detune + / -, we glide + / -
you open the filter (cutoff) is damn him potato resonnance + / - boost, adjusting the envelope tracking
elongating + / - the decay, it is off or sustain and release

and go

you have to adjust everything, add an LFO to pitch, filter

you can even play nice pre defined arpegg

manual està once entertaining, clear and instructive for beginners


The sounds are excellent, pêchus a desire to lead or bass, soft cloths for pseudo polyphony
in 3 minutes you spend prophet 5 to Moog Taurus

Effect: missing
Aftertouch: is your keyboard command


I week
I had the Phatty on Minitaur, a MS10 (which I sold)
I have a Microbrute and BassStation II

Rocket surpasses the first and adapts royally with the second that I have no regrets for anything (Moog and MS10 of course)

I love the feel of the interface and it allows rapid creation
The small downside is the sustain and release only on, off

and then as I said in the title is amazing value for money I paid € 215 took a quarter of the Phatty, a third of Minitaur for a machine that, in my opinion, is entirely up to the 2 bécannes whose name is clearly paying .....