Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12

Prophet 12, Hybrid synthesizer from Dave Smith Instruments.

public price: $2,999
minouagrifffe 09/23/2013

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 : minouagrifffe's user review

«  a new sonic stew ... »

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semi analog synthesizer. very large potential in terms of programming. there are many things to mumuse. many embedded technology under the hood but it tastes digital. the first impression is rather 'the tree which hides the forest.' I'm still looking for that tree!


perfect for the cold and distorted synthesizer sic. a small drum machine "tempest" and more and you're ready for a 'rave' in Siberia. for musicians to armored ears, synth appropriate to develop complex modulated textures. thank you for dave modulation matrix. but many buttons does not necessarily happier. the factory syndrome Gas is not far. a prophet 5 is perfect. why look noon fourteen hours!


it's sad to say but the prophet 12 is a reflection of his colleague "tempest". we are in 2013 and today's synths are blades figures to their ancestors 80s. 12 the prophet has a very unpleasant sound. (cold, strident). certe should be for lovers of cold and harsh sounds. techno style. the prophet 8, so often criticized for having only the name in common with his legendary cousin (prophet 5), has a more interesting as his successor his 12 votes. and yes, more buttons and more parameters are not necessarily more musicality.


it's sad to see. an engineer able to develop a sublime Machine (prophet 5), we meet a wonderful machine, but that aspect has made without interest. the advantage of this is to highlight the sound qualities of certain machinery often underestimated (roland d110, roland jd 800, prophet 8). lack of thrushes blackbirds eat. it leaves us no choice. will still have to buy the old analog cuckoos (5 prophet, jupiter 8, casio rap) for "THE SOUND".

2 positive things the prophet 12
- It is very beautiful
- It is not expensive (still happy ... because it breaks no bricks)
go dave, I expect you to do us a true prophet 5. not matter if it costs 6000 euros to the exit.
I hope I will not be dead by then.
if you have the means, the prophet is to buy 12 to admire in a corner. the rest will take courage to be inspired by the sounds.
I have nothing against you dave. your friend with his roland jupiter 80 is much better. Come on! I'll go to my friend with his Yamaha DX7 nice, it builds digital sounding warmer.