Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12

Prophet 12, Hybrid synthesizer from Dave Smith Instruments.

public price: $2,999
JiMMyPulse 10/14/2013

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 : JiMMyPulse's user review

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The Prophet 12 is now facing the high expectations he generated his presentation at NAMM 2013. Many had imagined he would be a versatile synth par excellence. It is not really, but it Recelle many possibilities.
See test Synthwalker for more technical details.
The touch keyboard is of good quality, perfect finish, nice and expressive playing with aftertouch, two sliders that can be frozen in latch, three pedal inputs (2 sustain and pedals) and all knobs on hand. It is cool. Internal power etc ... Two stereo audio outputs. Split Stack two sounds with settings 100% independent, but can also be linked.


I was looking for a keyboard to create complex textures without delving into menus or use VST extensions.
Simple setup, really almost everything falls naturally under the fingers.


I sometimes from an interesting patch, but in principle I like to start by scratch. That is to say about 396 patches of P12, only forty are valid. The rest not really seem consistent with sound level (not classified and created on the OS development) and finally not enough to seller who wants to test in store, however some use well modulations. Forget the patches if you want to test a flash, but consider the keyboard to what it really is. However DSI could indeed have treated a little better the factory sounds.
Sound: it is enclun to warm cold, mild corrosive metal complex and percussive. Finally it's a bit what I was looking for the experimental, industrial electro, ambient and electro-wave. But I guess those looking for a warm sound, smooth and analog does not find it easily. However there way out of the pad sounds, bells or keys quite nice with good fine tuning, as well original and sometimes super brutal and atmospheric sounds or intros.


Less good points:
This is not a keyboard like this: I turn, I take a patch factory, zouuu I have a lead sound of hell and I'm hallucinating friends. And yes the patches ... makes finding valid, but ultimately we do not buy such a machine for just making factory patch ... the goal is to make your creative work.
4 times, I do not touch it too much, probably their precise function still eludes me (though as you know I use this kind of effects), but there has digital artifacts when they exceed a repeat AND one second when synchronized to the south (it is explained in the manual). Or, if you prepare a valid model of his, and if somehow you do the external effects processing (Daw etc. ..), which is my case. DSI should have given a more largesse to the effects section and to dedicate more time in development.
When synchronization of the oscillator 1 on the 4 is switched, it creates a light
aliasing on the high notes (from the sixth octave). But should these two conditions and listen to his solo to hear. Once in the mix this aliasing does not intend to.
Filter Bleed: yes a good bit, but honestly it never bothered me on other DSI machines.
The arpeggiator is basic, ca, ca annoys me! I would have liked a little more sophistication,
especially with this lovely OLED screen there way to do something. Some thing like the programmable Blofeld example. It also lacks an out MIDI notes of the arpeggio. Come on, this is only the coding right? It seems that a new OS will enrich this section, as announced by DSI, I cross my fingers.
A lack in the low end, but it glues together in EQ in the mix.
No sequencer annoying for those who need it. No use to me, since I use external sequencers (Octatrack, MachineDrum or my DAW).
No Line IN: ditto above.
I also would like other users running a dual MIDI in and out for both layers sound channel.

You turn, you take leave of you and nothing creates a sound that almost everything on hand. A pleasure to use. Oscilloscope with 4 + Sub tilt and every imaginable modulations is very rich and deep into opportunities.
The Character section is interesting to grow and prune the sounds, but do not abuse too much of these effects together. The palette distorde sounds (distortion, drive, characters, modulation) is effective.
Powerful unison mode, but unable to select a number of tracks / given voice, it's either all (12 (or 6 if two sounds are enabled), or.

Yes, I'm satisfied. This is not the final shot lightning and absolute (as my Analog Four which is my highlight for 2013) but it has found its place in my sound set and ultimately that's what I needed. Take a little time to tame sonically while having limitations in oeuil areas. But once you put it, sounds are effective in their registry, rich in texture and easy to develop.