Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12

Prophet 12, Hybrid synthesizer from Dave Smith Instruments.

public price: $2,999
Tomavatars 12/31/2013

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 : Tomavatars's user review

«  Beautiful, educational and fun »

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All features have been presented in the test and uncompromised Synthwalker prior reviews.
For my part, all the features are really good. It actually lacks in audio that would have been good. I wish the factory bank is collapsible, but it is not a drama.
What bothers me however, is unable to determine that the layer A does so only when the output A output B is connected. Indeed, the first six voice output via the output A and the other by the six output B. This is annoying when you want to freeze a track in a DAW, is obliged to disconnect the output B is obliged to freeze two tracks.


This is the advantage of the Prophet 12, the general configuration is simple and easy access to detailed editing can be very complex. This is a true Swiss army knife for understanding a lot of things on the synthesis and is very fun and easy to use.
Over all functions are well distributed on the control panel and everything is very clear and beautiful in addition, the screen is very well defined.
Finally, the two sliders are a big asset being sensitive to the position and pressure, these two controls plus standard wheel and pitch are a wonderful instrument performance.


We tend to say it sounds cold, it is not wrong but it is largely possible to make it sound analog with work.
The sound suits me perfectly, as to make industrial music, this is a gem, as to what you want actually. Personally, I use right now to make sounds Jean Jacques Perrey to and it is broke.
Frankly, it is wide and it goes where you want. Albeit with some work but it is the least of it. This is not an emulator that's for sure.

A little note to say it is very easy to get very dirty and industrial sounds, we must work in subtlety, so do not be fooled by the character section.


I use it for two months, and I always start from scratch (basic patch - simply by pressing latch and hold at the same time, it is very convenient).
I created over 200 patches, most are tests and experiments, but between two very similar patches can be a world of difference.

This is my first hardware synth. I've had little shits but never been able to develop as I can here.
Here is a permanent lesson. With lessons synthesis Gordon Reid is tiptop!

I love everything about this synth, except that the team has released perhaps a bit too early, as it still requires a lot of updates to the bone.

It is expensive for sure. But I think it is worth the price just for the finishing of the machine and its capabilities - still, 12 voice polyphony, oscilloscope by four layers, this is huge!

I would do this choice without hesitation.