sectiond 03/16/2008

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver : sectiond's user review


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monophonic analog synth + sequencer designed by a specialist of the genre: DAVE SMITH (inventor MIDI protocol and creator of the legendary prophet)


Very simple and pleasant to use, software available on the site to edit more Seriously.


At first use I do not believe that a small box cheap as it can sound as big and beautiful !!!!!!!
has analog sounds very 70's but also present
very low fat distortion with the 4 oscillators allow a lot of things
delays successful enough ..
wavetable the prophet vs please !!!
sequencer that allows hypnotic patterns has Schultz: I love !!
can compete without problem with a prestigious synth ...
considering the price the question does not arise even !!!


Sound, sound, sound !!!! DAVE SMITH !!!!
I absolutely love all the sounds ...
if you bump into digital is a little more to get the original sound and efficient !!!
this little box inspires me all the time ... and my music is more appreciated since I put the evolver in my tracks !!! if so .....
price quality report does not discuss the ...
in addition it is beautiful and do not take up much space ...
I do not find it to actually default !!!

Looking for audio demos on the web, listen ... compare, think ... and you will fall ....; D