djama 11/17/2012

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver : djama's user review

«  surprising machine »

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mono synth rack.
with 8 knobs for editing.
I midi control via the keyboard of my R3.
no worries.


good, 8 knobs for machine as full, at first it's a little scary.
But you get used to it.
If you want to create complex sounds a bit against by, take your time and go to sub menus, shifts, all ...
But it could be worse actually.
It's not one button one function, but at this price it's still nice, and the live hack is more or less always the same stuff. And are still using ignite, touch all the buttons and sounds dingoes out in 2 minutes.


Aaaaah! sounds!
smashes it! Finally I adore.
It is complex, it goes in all directions, hyper scalable (the machine is aptly named).
The step sequencer is mega effective.
Everything is adjustable. it sends the wood.
We might as well get analog sounds deeper than metal screams. Indeed it is in this modern registry that I find most interesting evolver.
I think it is a fantastic machine to make a weird note in his productions. And I like weird.


What I like least is that my model is defective. Have.
I bought it secondhand here, but my seller "forgot" to mention a small problem a little annoying because the machine does not deign to always work. I plug in, it flashes, but there lottery, sometimes I sound, I sometimes saturated, sometimes (often) I have nothing. So the balls.
So ok, I did not pay money, but it's still pretty expensive for a box flashes.
Finally, if I'm picking, I branch disconnects several times, usually it works, and there is superb.
But it blocks me, sometimes I do not want to upset me. Then I looked, and I think that this is a great synth ...