jouks 01/30/2013

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver : jouks's user review

«  The ptite that goes »

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For the technical part, see previous reviews. It is a single but has four oscilloscope thereby expand the sound.
This is a synth, everything is done.


This is a point that must meditate before purchase risk see gathering dust on a shelf. Many people are sold because of ergonomics and ignorance of the synthesis. Must get their hands dirty to properly take advantage of this small but fine. This is not exactly the way plug'nplay music consumption. 8 buttons for all possible assignments, reading a sign which may deter the beginner synthesis, it was my case, better to hang a little.
However for those who make the effort, then we want more. Considering the price and size, this flower toy, once heard, we're in the big leagues before.
The manual is terse, it implies that you have mastered the synthesis. It is useful to know the assignment tables modulations. For the rest demmerdenzizich.
Editing sounds is easy with practice and tracking functions. It takes practice and especially practice.
In short, this machine is addressed only motivated people, if possible with a small idea of ​​how we make sound with a synth.


Once past the Cape of use, this is the purchase that you will not regret, it is the synth that can not resell that to buy the big brother, and yet ... He's so cute that the guard.
At the sound of analog is today. It may drool a little, but everything is under control digital, suddenly it's not like before. But in fact, we do not care. The sound is very good, fairly hot (for once, we are very far from his Swedish is the gringo and they love the sounds serious attention is not Studio electronics either). So this module is a very good sound quality. Is no shame in a set and may even be the centerpiece. Sometimes can seem typical, especially if you use the feedback without moderation, same with the distortion. Delays, like require some tact. In the end it should not take this to small effects, although it is interesting to spend a processor of BAR.
You understood, I think this book very good synth sounds, one can only be amazed by its capabilities, especially dry without effects, including the demos are the worst that can be expected (ie which is not bad).


It is a little resourceful. How are passed to poly after having this one hands. Ideal for drones, the sequencer, which I have not yet spoken, works like the good old annalo, and also allows an arpeggiation, create living, evolving sounds, you do not work in publishing on the length, but depth measurement, the old.
To repeat, I rebuke one on. Besides, I always watching occaz coast, I do not forbid to toper second.
Choice of quality, robust, one default, barring buttons easily monitor during transport. Incidentally, I ordered from DSI, they have sent me gratis. To change an input jack that was very tired from the previous user, a former wrestler, no doubt, ibid. The only thing I paid the chip is to spend v1 v3.