Stéphane Duchosal 07/05/2012

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver : Stéphane Duchosal's user review

«  A magic box »

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see specifications


I was still new to this kind of bike and what little we know just the basics of analog synthesis (coupled here with digital), it is a real treat, Quick Start and intuitive. We regret the panel config a bit ristett, without glasses (at my age ...) this is not easy!


Sounds pretty 90's but you can easily reach more trippy sequences style Tangerine. It sounds good Tangerine elsewhere. I was able to reproduce most of the sequences of their 70's style album Ricochet, a real pleasure.
Nevertheless, a small problem, all seems to me still sounds a tad metal, I do not know what hit bottom pan.


This is the magic box regarding the quality / options / prices
Proof, I even 2! (Set by noon, it's Papa Schulze and Tangerine combined)