Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12

Prophet 12, Hybrid synthesizer from Dave Smith Instruments.

public price: $2,999
alcools 09/04/2013

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 : alcools's user review

«  A real instrument »

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This is a first notice quickly that I will complete later and I compare a little to the Nord Lead series, knowing that bcp hesitant with NL4.

For features it, get the doc.

All functions are easily accessible, not "shift" key as the North. Certain settings are all the same in the four encoders above the screen (over the top by the way) but accede to the right menu by turning a knob connected to the function (puyez siun osc osc button and menu appears), so need one hand in live (criticism I have with the North Shift).

4 osc + 1 sub, 2 against the NL4

All effects (delay and character) are cumulative (not on the NL4) and independent if using two sounds at the same time or split stack. A good chorus or phaser also have however not been for refusal (as the case in North c).


Super intuitive (more that a Nord Lead for my taste, the two are excellent in this area, but the lack of dual seregraphie compulsory in North due to dual functions controlled by Shift, makes the board more readable table on P12). The knob is pleasant, the keyboard responds well, the aftertouch is progressive (not on the NL4!), All that seems sturdy. The P12 is pretty compact and lightweight but still obvious advantage of NL4 transportability (one octave less all the same in the NL).

S sounds so edit with great simplicity, even if the manual n is not translated into French, of all that is frankly succinct.

One big difference between a NLet P12 (in my opinion) is the modulation part. The NL, just read the panel to see what can be modulated or is the be: visual and simple actually, but very limited possibilities. On the P12, almost anything can be modulated by almost all (the welcome screen!), And you can assign up to 20 modulations sound, which allows you to dynamically evolving sounds really rich, all this with a very large simplicity (no need to read the documentation).

Well, cl hours of apperot, I'll finish later! D