Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2

Pro 2, Hybrid synthesizer from Dave Smith Instruments.

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pgt 10/01/2014

Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 : pgt's user review

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All Pro2 features are too numerous to list here, they are easily accessible on the site DaveSmithInstrument.

However, the Pro2 has a hybrid design: 4 digital oscillators followed by two pure analog filters can be parallelized or serialized, 1 4-pole filter Type PROPHET 5 1 Fuel Type 2 POLES OBERHEIN SEM !!! (We are spoiled).
Dave Smith added us SUPER SEQUENCER: 32 x 16 lines not !!! (What fun;-))
Obviously LFO / Envelloppes ... OLED screen 4x I / O CV / GATE ...

The "polyphony" or rather "paraphonie" is 4 lanes (1 oscillator / channel).

In the box found in the P2 +: 1 power cord, 1 manual.


There are almost one button per function (50 knobs !!! + switches, two ribbons ...) it's magic to use, it's simple and powerful at the same time.

The manual is very clear but not complete.

In terms of editing sounds I can still talk.


The SOUND bases are excellent bills, they are surprisingly diverse. It has both fat and caramelized LOW that subtle and brilliant leads. Sounds typed FM are also present! Not so surprising that it finally saw that can modulate an oscillator by another ... Some ORGANIC look great allow potential glimpse of the beast ... In addition, we take as much pleasure in playing This SYNTHE that look !!!

I love all the sounds provided more certain than others, but none are bad.
The keyboard is very expressive, we enjoy playing it very convenient Bass or Lead the way paraphonic deluded if you do not have at hand a polyphonic synth to play chords.

The keyboard is small indeed (time / distortion) and yet the sound is most excellent: I plan to add a rack effect, but it will take me to pick one up ???


I've had one day (I know it is not to have a definitive opinion, I will return to my opinion by one week or + if necessary).

I had numerous instruments in the hands and between the ears, it was particularly moving to unpacking (it is beautiful) and SONNE DIVINELY.

I love +: SOUND / ergonomics
What I like about it - is the fact that there is no version polyphonic;-) (for now)
For the moment no complaints so it is perfect;-)

Price / quality: very good (although of course I would have preferred to pay - expensive!)

Yes I will ever choose to acquire a PRO2