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All user reviews for the Behringer C-1

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Average Score:2.9( 2.9/5 based on 20 reviews )
 2 reviews10 %
 4 reviews20 %
 3 reviews15 %
 1 user review5 %
 4 reviews20 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
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cosmo3405's review"Behringer C-1, Take a closer listen.... "

Behringer C-1
A lot of people slam Behringer gear. Most of these people don't know or comprehend the design and engineering that goes into pro audio gear. That said, the Behringer C-1 is exceptionally well designed. What happens to that design in a Chinese factory is another matter. Obviously, there are quality controls at Behringer's manufacturing facility, but occasionally you will get a lemon. Send it back. There are some really good C-1's out there. I own 3. I have Neumann's, I have Rodes, Audio Technica, and others. The C-1 is a personal favorite. I say that in part because I can use is for live performances with vocals and it sounds rich and full. Now granted, much of this is subjective and depends upon individual preferences. But I will say that I get many more compliments for vocal sound with the C-1 vs. use of my much more expensive Neumann KMS 105. This has proven to be the case time and again. The only downside I have found to the C-1 is the plastic mount. You can break it if you aren't careful and they don't sell replacements. Wish they would make it with a metal mount. Then all would be right with the world. Thanks for reading and all the best in finding your perfect sound.

killahbzz's review"To start out before moving on to something else"

Behringer C-1
What kind of mic? (for vocals, instruments, both...)
I used it to rap and for vocals... Now I use it to sing karaoke with my wife

The technology? (electret, condenser...)
Condenser, cardioid, in short a very simple mic.


How long have you been using it?
I used it less than a month. I tried to do the best I could with it (which is not much) but I quickly moved on to a Prodipe ST1, it's like night and day.

Did you try any of other models before buying this one?
I used a friend's home studio gear (SC600) and the differences were obvious. I then switched to an AT2020 and a ST1

Which feature do you like the most / the least?
Well, to be honest, if you are just taking up music and you don't know anything (like everybody when we start out) you are very likely to come across this mic, which is the least expensive on the market but also the one with the worst performance. Investing at least on a SM57 would be much more profitable. It sounds pretty bad, but when we are starting out and don't know much about anything, it's OK. It has a very big dip in the mids while the low mids are really boosted. The highs and lows are not even worth talking about. This mic is a disaster and the only use I have for it is to do karaoke with my wife (even though an SM57 is much more interesting) ...

How would you rate its value for money?
The least expensive on the market but also the worst, so its value for money is average

Based on your experience, would you buy this product again? ...
IMHO, it's interesting if you are just starting out to realize whether you really love making music and see if you can invest a little more in real gear. But if you asked me to buy it again now, I would most definitely NOT do it.

constitudo's review"Unbeatable value for money!"

Behringer C-1
Behringer C1 mic to record vocals and even acoustic guitar.
Use exclusively with phantom power and anti-pop filter or say hello to distortion.


I've used it for four years in a mobile studio (Fostex MR8) only.
I've used SM Shure 57, 58, a prodipe too and a sennheiser.
Clear highs, sound is a bit off phase in relation to the lows, even though I notice a better reproduction in the mids.
I use it for pop rock vocals. It takes time to get the best results but I have come to really master it based on very meticulous adjustments (pop-up - mic- mouth distance), the mic's response and hardware effects.
Unbeatable value for money, especially secondhand!
Based on my experience, I recommend it when you are starting out with your home studio or want to produce songs quickly and effectively without braking your head with settings...

JeanMoks's review"When your budget is not very high..."

Behringer C-1
Large-diaphragm, condenser mic.
I bought it to record instruments (guitar and sax) in a home studio (more like a ghetto studio, actually...)


I had never tried another mic before this one (in a home studio).

This mic doesn't stand out due to its performance (I have made comparisons), but to be honest, it's useful. I think it's not as bad for vocals as for what I had originally intended to use it (sax and guitar).
But its price is unbeatable.

So if your budget is not very high and you want gear to learn, it's a good choice.

The biggest advantage is that the day you upgrade to better gear you clearly notice the difference!
à Chaud02/06/2012

à Chaud's review

Behringer C-1
Large-diaphragm condenser mic for studio.


I bought two. One made so much noise that it was useless. The other one works fine, with a bit of noise, though.
They are relatively bad for a studio mic.
You get what you pay for, nothing more.

yoTrakkz's review"good quality"

Behringer C-1
The Behringer c 1 is a strange looking mic in my opinion. Its not very appealing at first glance, but that has nothing to do with the sound that it produces. This great unit has a well built Stainless Steel Body and Design. Very clean and precise product design with a cost effective purpose.It's made to go against more expensive mics for less. It does not require phantom power and comes with it's own power supply, cable and case. Just recently recorded with my new Focusrite ISA100 PreAmp and what you have is incredible warm vocals dialed into what you wish to achieve. It has three various switches for a wide choice of vocal recording applications. I tested this new Mic against others and it finished first having a real distinct and unique quality. Fred B the audio pro upon hearing the recording said, it was one of the best his ears ever heard!! I fully agree after many mic/song comparisons. Again, another superb investment of quality


After hearing all the ravs about this mic, and then hearing it in A-B comparison's with some of the most famous mics in the business I heard quickly why everyone likes it so much. After hearing the A-B tests I purchased mine and it's been a favorite ever since. Very versatile, and has a nice warm vintage sound. Very happy with it and the whole Sterling line. great products and great customer service. I put this mic right up there with some of the top quality shure mics.

The bad thing about the Behringer c 1 is that it distorts considerably when faced with high SPL vocals or if you're recoding Rhythm Acoustic guitar. The Figure of Eight position gave the best sound on Vocals, but it just wasn't smooth enough for my taste. I sent it back and am still looking for my next Mic.

super-gaffeur's review"Excellent value for money"

Behringer C-1
I use it to record vocals and guitars in a home studio. It's a condenser mic that doesn't produce noise except with very high gains.


I've used it for over a year now. The sound is fairly good in this price range and it is versatile (but don't use it live, it wasn't conceived for that). It comes with a practical transport case for protection. It has only one con: The clip is made of a somewhat fragile plastic, and since it is not a standard model, you'd better not force it much.
I would definitely buy it again, because its value for money is unbeatable.

Anonymous 's review"What do you really even want now?"

Behringer C-1
The Behringer C-1 is an extremely budget oriented condenser microphone that takes the word "budget" to a level of absurdist humor. It's not that it's all bad; for the price, it's actually quite a monster.

It has a frequency response of 40-20,000 Hz, and comes with no other bells and whistles. It does include, of course, the necessary stand mount and the carrying case, something that Behringer likes to include with everything.

The Behringer C-1 requires phantom power, and does not plug directly into your computer. It requires an interface that has analog to digital conversion. So, to everyone not familiar with this, do your research before you leave a bad review because it doesn't work like you wish it could.


It feels absolutely wrong to come at the Behringer C-1 from the perspective of anyone who works seriously in sound, but when Behringer tries to pander to me, I say to them, "Bring it on?" Apparently, Behringer tells me that this microphone is fantastic for everything and has a flat frequency response. Do I believe that, not exactly. You can throw all the specs you want into a microphone but I know for a fact that quality control just has to suffer with this microphone. Obviously, I did not test out a dud. But I don't think I could deal with being musical with this microphone. Sure, the fidelity may be all there, but it sounds less detailed than a lot of dynamics I use!

I'm sure this microphone is enough for some people, and I know for sure that I am not a snobby elitist who just likes expensive microphones. There are some pretty expensive microphones out there that I quite frankly detest.

However, if you need a cheap microphone fast, I wouldn't be against getting this, although at that point, I'd tell you to invest in a good dynamic first.

FFD's review"Not expensive and not bad"

Behringer C-1
Versatile: vocals, wind instruments (flute, etc.)
Condenser mic.


How long have you been using it?
A couple of years, I think. I do electronic music so I process the recordings quite a bit. In general, though, the sound is quite all right.

Did you try any of other models before buying this one?
Much more expensive mics ($400-$650) at some friends'. I have a Line6 UX2, so I record with POD FARM (noise gate, EQ, preamp etc). It's quite all right

Which feature do you like the most / the least?
I think that, for the price, it's a mic that works rather well.

However, it all depends on the source:
Spoken and sung vocals = very good
Flute, ocarina, harmonica, didgeridoo, thunder sheet, "exotic" percussions = also very good (but pay attention because it doesn't capture low frequencies very well).

Broadly speaking, it's a good mic for all instruments that don't require a specific mic.
For example, it's not the best mic for acoustic guitar, but that's normal.

jc67's review"Not bad at all"

Behringer C-1
I use it to record spots (radio, hotlines...), and it's more than enough. The vocals are all right and faithful enough for an entry level model.


I've used it for two years. I'm not too demanding, only a little. What I like the best is its price, the design is not bad. I'm still looking for negative points, because it's perfect for me. I compared it to an electrovoice RE20 and RE25, and frankly speaking, you need to look hard for a difference (that will surely make some people itch, but the RE20 and RE25 are not bad for radio, to record in studio it's average.). Evidently, it can't be compared with a Neumann, but you shouldn't forget that it's an entry level, not expensive mic...

How would you rate its value for money? Based on your experience, would you buy this product again? Yes, I already did, without hesitation!