Custom77 London's Burning CS4
Custom77 London's Burning CS4

London's Burning CS4, LP-Shaped Guitar from Custom77.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 15 reviews )
 9 reviews60 %
 5 reviews33 %
 1 user review7 %
Value For Money : Excellent

sati.mata's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Custom77 London's Burning CS4
Format Lespaul
Magniifique flamed table, we like it or not but I love personal


Handle large


Used mostly on a small Vox DA5 or direct into my sound card ... I know it's not very rock'n'roll but lack of space and means ... I have other instruments to my bow.

The sounds are very clean with no pest or breath.


Used for 4 years now.
The wood did not move. The finish is a very good level.
This guitar is remarkably tuning.

The sounds are fairly typed vintage but can also result in many modern metal sounds humbuckers.

But these sounds bluesy, psychedelic, vintage rock she excels.

My only regret that its weight is felt uncomfortable and this imbalance playing sit ... as the true model from which it is copying.

By far, an excellent copy of Les Paul Studio Les Paul that same level by far much better than a Epiphone.

To keep a guitar!

Purchased for my 30 years ... Custom77 not by chance!

You can listen to my guitar pieces.

Little_Paco's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Custom77 London's Burning CS4
Everything has been said.


It's a good LP copy at the violin.
Well finished, it resonates well and is very well regulated.


Then used to strats, I find the micro not great, certainly they have a vintage touch, but the overall color is very special, I think there is an acute shortage of large, then it may be close to the real gibson original, but anyway it's not very versatile.

Very very very very fat and round, but its clear brilliance frankly it sounds muffled. For jazz is good for the ropck type AC / DC drive pushed very well, but its so so clear.
So very typical of microphones to try first, and I would say that for someone looking for versatility is not the ideal compromise.
I plan to change the pickups for something a little more going on everywhere.


A good scratch, with a violin well, but very typical of microphones.

swan_kashmir's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good!"

Custom77 London's Burning CS4
Lyon Guitars manufactured in Asia. (South Korea I think)
Les Paul copy. So same story as true.

Channel finer, less round than my Les Paul Studio, but very enjoyable.

Model equipped with microphones "vintage77" closer to my gibson pickups that "modern 77" brand.


Weight identical to my Gibson. The handle finer rout a little early. Too bad he did not handle "gibsonnien!

By difficulty cons to install a roland GK3 MIDI sensors. The original bridge is very low. So not the place to cram bindings of the sensor without having to raise the bridge. Damage. But maybe this is not the case on all models.


Knobs without crack or noise. Real influence on the gain.

Position 2 mics works differently: one of the two volume to zero does not cut the entire signal as on my gibson but leaves the other micro switch.


I backup guitar during concerts. Same look and a signal closer to the real gibson that can not be the Epiphone version (I also recommend). Finding corroborated by sound engineer.

So good value for money

I've tried the model I made in their shop in Lyon for more than an hour on an amp. By comparing it with my gibson. So very cool. In other stores, it's not the same atmosphere ...

achvams's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Custom77 London's Burning CS4
22 frets, made in Korea,
the bass and middle are very warm, the treble is better when it is saturated
lowering the tone, sound is very jazzy in sound is there but we'll talk ...
all is said on their website and other reviews


For use, for those like me who are fortunate enough to play on a Start ... hard to find a skyscraper type LP and say it is perfect. But regardless of that, the stick is standard form and "slip", frankly I play at home;
keys IS THE EBONY! is the hit that is more enjoyable, really different from rosewood, but it is mainly the sound that is affected (we'll talk about below)
mechanics are awesome, it's disgusting but they are better than the strat bought 1100 euros, as what the best thing is to trust what you see not what they say or reputaion brand marketing & %&%&%&% there comes the sound! just EXCELLENT, bold type biensur obviously is not to have a sound to Hendrix, but for rock / hard rock / blues is great,
my favorite sound (subjectively of course) in blues is the sound stratum, but the blues custom 77 c'st awesome, rock type blues as ZZ TOP! hhaha damage to chui boulo there I want to play it lol
I also play jazz on it, the trick? lower the tone, close your eyes, if you tell me it's not a sound of a jazz guitar brand will be hard to believe you
biensur, c do not gypsy, the Extreme metal or classical guitar sound (whatever that is intéréssnt, but say that can not get him out of his guitar on this Reinhart), but the question is: could you do a LP to 3000 usd? I would note


not 10/10, because hestetiques finishes are improving, as the small tiles (Ivory I think) that are glued on the handle, there is a kind of discontinuity, it makes no unpleasant either, but if we find fault is found with no worries
weight as it would have to improve it, it's pretty heavy, but thanks to AC c TFW we have the right to sustain such a (damn I have not talked about sustain this diabolical guitar)
Oh also, the connection of the jack, I did not do but I will soon change: It's loose and it seems it will take off
the rest is impeccable, the microphones: I saw that there are some who want change ... I'm not completely satisfied, even a little surprised I must admit.
In summary, buy this guitar, in selecting the well (all will not have the same defects) and possibly upgrade a few things, it's frankly better than buying a Gibson at a crazy price, I even pierces c is more original from something other than what we chose stars ..
Here was my advice, I hope I have helped


am convinced

berdeforcal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" satisfied"

Custom77 London's Burning CS4
see site Custom 77


pleasant handle, ergonomic design is perfect for me, I like heavy guitars plus I added the Bigsby. CASC is the treble as all the guitars type LP.


The violin is very good, I did rgl by my luthier who does nevertheless have the tape pickups are not great, especially the bridge pickup that I changed to a Seymour Duncan SH4 and is a true massacre. If you change the pickups and you are scratching your rgler a luthier to have the equivalent with ebony fingerboard, you will find not much less than 1500, the equivalent CS4 Upgrade with Seymour Duncan or EMG pickups and BNES keys must all see in esp, I do not know if there are keys with BNES ltd.


I use it since I bought it I tried a lot of guitars since then, that there esp gibson lp custom elipse and I found above.
I think the team should offer the Custom 77 and for the lust for life of custom pickups with emg 81/60 or 81/85 and the kit seymour duncan sh59/sh4, even 200 more this would be a monster this guitar live. At Custom 77 micro ago that p77 ensures that, but considering the price is meaningless. Then the guys who criticize Custom 77 is a bit like bagnolles is always critical to brand Franaise current default, but when a achte Merko or a BMW and it has plenty of problem, it closes its mouth to not move for a lame (and I know many who have problem with this type of case). For guitars are the same snobbery, the guy who bought a guitar over 1500 and that has problem, he loop. So even if everything is not perfect at Custom 77 is not the best advantages multimdia. Overall bravo Custom 77
Voivod K05/18/2010

Voivod K's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"The LP for his fourth of the price!"

Custom77 London's Burning CS4
Made in Korea.

- 3-piece mahogany neck tenon long
- Mahogany body
- Table massive maple (20mm)
- Finish Flamed maple leaf
- Set-Neck
- Profile handle end type 60's
- Ebony
- 22 frets
- Mechanical oil bath (Diecasting)
- Tune-O-Matic
- Nut Graphite
- String Set D'Addario 10-46
- Weight: 4.5 kg

- Color Tobacco Burst, gloss (one photo)
- Gold hardware
- Inlays rectangles nacre (Mother of Pearl) button
- Multi-binding on the front and rear body
- Binding on sleeve
- 3 ply black plate and black contours microphones
- Buttons, black type Speed ​​Knobs

- 2 Alnico humbuckers "Vintage77" type PAF
- 2 volume buttons
- 2 Tone Knobs
- 1 3-Position Selector

Finishes, despite a few small failures that do not affect the beauty of the guitar, are relatively accurate, given the price of the beast ...


The neck is excellent, neither too big nor too thin, large or small paws mimine will be comfortable. No noticeable fatigue after an hour of intense play (riffs, tapping, arpeggios, legato, sweep, shred so furious.). The varnish on the back is nice, it glides well without being a hunter, and the ebony fingerboard is a pure treat for your fingers!
Ergonomics is the Les Paul guitar that weighs his weight but is well balanced, with access to acute correct, nothing more. But the best is the sound, because even empty, it rings with the fire of God sustain impressive!


On top of this guitar is the sound! Clean sound with the bridge pickup is clear, chattering, bright, with a strong attack pointless without smudging or greasy, perfect for picking and arpeggios. With the neck pickup, more roundness, body heat, low mids and bass with a bit of fat, ideal for many oozing bluesy plans or arrangements very fat and heavy. In crunch and distortion, the pickups keep their characteristics as well as its clear that vintage touch that characterizes them! However, their average output allows to overload any floor lamps and reveals the potential of this guitar. The tone controls are very effective, what makes this guitar is almost at ease in all registers, whether blues, jazz, pop, rock, hardcore, metal (except in extreme extreme !)... Ultimately, this guitar not only has excellent sound worthy of a good LP, but it is very versatile! In addition, the sustain is amazing, especially on the harmonics!
Intermediate position, there is actually a fairly accurate mix of the two microphones, with an output level equivalent. A subtle blend for typing a little more sound.

It was tested on a tube preamp Lag Spitfire, waiting to scream on a 6505 + head ... But I'm not worried one second, the result should be quite impressive!


I have been using ... yesterday evening! But she has already given a lot of person! Before the acquisition, we can say that I went through a number of guitars (Gibson, Lag, Jackson, Epiphone, Schecter, Ibanez, ESP ...). The obvious point of comparison is the Epiphone and Gibson LP. Suffice to say that in terms of sounds, it is between the U.S. and a true Gibson Epiphone. The latter does not compare so London's Burning CS4 makes him a slap!
The peculiarities that I love the most are obviously sound, versatility, assertive personality and the microphones neck and fingerboard. The most negative is the rigor finish, but do not look so closely, it's a beautiful instrument!

The quality / price ratio is properly amazing, especially since I got it on promotion (-20%) to 396 €! This is where we realize that paying the price one pays for a Gibson or Epiphone little better finished, it is pure scam, a scam see major ...

I do not regret my choice in any case, on the contrary, I am much happier than expected! Over time, I should probably pay me another (one CS3, a Chinese girl or another Custom77) ... We must now see how the instrument will be held in time, me playing almost daily.

In conclusion, a copy of Gibson LP of very good quality, worthy of his eldest, and without breaking the bank! If Custom77 works a little longer on the finish without sacrificing price, especially Gibson and Epiphone can be chickweed!

UPDATE: this is almost 6 months that I have: it has not moved, what appears to be occasionally the case on other Custom77 ... I touch wood, it does say that again!

olivierz2003's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Custom77 London's Burning CS4
Manufacturing Core
22 Frets
2 Double
round 60


Channel fast and well in hand, the veneer slips on hand and does not stick.
Access to acute Les paul with a bit easier than Gibson.

It is the norm, I play Gibson LP Standard, Fender Gibson 335 US ect .... and this is variment a Custom height superior even to me (I play LP Custom Gibson 1979).
I even replaced all of the plug to the jack n'tait not match the rest (it cost me about 5 euros).

The sound is great even in saturation always balance.


Gibson LP Custom IDEM

This guitar does not need to speak because only a small delay or overdrive.
Clearly this is saturated or in the register Vintage Jumbo Gras.


I play for 2 months I still can not I buy this one in the crowd CS3 ...

Report quality / price ever seen.

In addition it has no manufacturing defects (this is not the case in my cs3).

38yoda's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Custom77 London's Burning CS4
Already described in other post.
Just a few minor cosmetic defects (marks on the neck not well aligned and two small points in the paint) not very serious but I've seen I think the vendors have also seen and the guitar is not downgraded despite the flaws.


The neck is very fast (ebony), pleasant to play a guitar of this price.
Access to acute is easy up to the 17th box, after it is less clear.
It still weight is a matter of habit, it does not bother me because she is well balanced.
The sound is fantastic on a tube amp, the other I have ever tested.


It is perfect for hard rock, blues, for it is clear that less TV or a stratum, the sound is less crystalline but that's no surprise.


I use it for six months, it's a great guitar for € 500, the color is really beautiful walnut, I wanted a les paul but can not afford to offer me a gibson I chose after Custom77 lot of thought. I do not regret my choice, I will not sell this guitar because it is extraordinary for her and what corresponds to what I expected.

black-soul's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Custom77 London's Burning CS4
Channel 3 rooms mahogany (mahogany)
- Mahogany body (mahogany)
- Flamed Maple top (flamed maple) on 20mm Solid Maple
- In neck
- Profile sleeve end, 60's type
- Ebony fingerboard (ebony)
- Mechanical golden Diecasting
- Tune-O-Matic
- Frets thin and wide (2.7mm)
- D'Addario Strings Set 10-46
- Weight: approx 4.5 kg
heavy four buttons: two tone and two volume and a 3 position selector to trebble rytme Allen, what a les paul ^ ^. I have nothing personal against the head shark, but they will not like it s 'There do not worry ...


The handle is very nice, it's as butter after it is safe there weight up to play ... it's very good but do not play much or you will get back pain which I took the fraits-_ °. This is my first les paul and commme heard around that it was not that good access to acute, but not that much, access to acute is not di that bad! But it's never equal against the strato example that's for sure ... To find the right sound takes a bit for him anyway but once you find it feel! A very good ergonomics!


In fact I hesitate to buy it because I am driven rock / metal, because the 77 vintages are not the most qualified cela.Donc I tried my luck, this guitar is a remarkable versatility! Note this guitar is a no go for the big nag, a CS3 is more qualified! I use the metal which is the extreme limit for CS-4, which I confess I wish Ayent sound only marginally better for the metal that I use which is not the big nag, but in the end I ' content.J'm in 'uses a line 6 spider 3 75 and also is known for his versatility ... With my two jewels I can do anything! What I look for is the much versatility because of a sudden jfais metal, and a head shot I play for 30 minutes by the blues, for example, the thing that made my chosen rather than the CS4 CS3 is when they told me between them at the versatility vainqueur.à CS4 comes out this time I broke down and I do not regret!
If you have had the same problem as me, ie to hesitate between two models of C77 or between two brands (epiphone and C77 for example) go, they will know which suits you best!


It's been a week since I posseseur a CS-4 black beauty, it is really very beautiful! I am only a beginner and I have not tested other guitar before aquérir. For that price are a rare copies les paul that sounds as good as that of 77 custom! I am proud to have a guitar in the hands of a French brand, is sure his has nothing to do with my pacifica ... I am sure that with experience, if I wanted a les paul copy with a ceiling of 500 euros I would have made this choice! In short, a quality / price ratio sumptuous see unbeatable ...

BigBi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Custom77 London's Burning CS4
-Made in Korea, I would like to point out that the quality of instruments that come from this country continues to grow!
The woods are of good quality was the heavy (4.6 pounds anyway!), In short, it's not wood crate.

The beautiful 22-possde frets ... What classic

-Like most Les Paul, there was a Tune o Matic bridge, so for simplicity adjustable harmonics, changing strings, tuning of the action.

Still, as a Les Paul, 4 knobs, 2 volume, 2 tone, one each for each microphone.

The handle-it is neither too big nor too late, it seems to me that his profile is in C (not out)


The handle-trs is enjoyable, it is well in hand, I had an Ibanez, so stick thin and flat, I got used to 2-3 days, it is a pure delight!

-Compared with SG or the access to acute Flyin'V is not very simple (like all Les Paul) but it's far from insurmountable, any Manir I m ' I plug in anything but a shreddeur! ^ ^

-Form is a Les Paul, then sat playing the guitar a little tickle the odds, nothing good teacher, but it's not a Start with a chamfer which
If not in weight, it is heavy, it's pretty tiring to play standing up with, I recommend a padded strap.
In résumé if you measure 1m50 and weigh 40 kilos, do not take it out!


Now comes the most interresting, SOUND!

-I play rock, hard rock and metal (all of the 60 beginners 90), it should all these styles, it is made for!
To give you an ide: Led Zep, ACDC, Metallica, Def Leppard, ZZ Top, Gun's etc ... It happens much closer to that kind of sound APRS while dpend of the amp.

Exactly, the amp, I play on an AD15VT, so its level Polivalente provides.
With the scratching of j'obtient excelente clear sound, overdrive, distortion and shoots too short, the sounds of groups deficits above. (It's not a guitar made for playing black metal hardcore funk inside the egg tends Breton recorded in barns kwa).
I play 2-3 times a lamp with this guitar amp, and it's magic, you get a seriously fabulous!

-APRS, sound level, again it is close to the Les Paul, so it's bold and bavouille. (This is anything but a Start or Tele wholesale ^ ^)

Small precision on the mic, they are censs, imitate the old PAF Gibson in the years 60-70. In short, its a "vintage".


I use this guitar for 6 months, and for that price (500) I'm really thrilled!
I am confident that this brand offers meileur report qualitprix the moment!
For testing Epiphone, the Custom77 supplant them by far!
Exprience with this choice I do it again without hsiter!