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LTD Deluxe user reviews

  • LTD EC-1000 VB [2008-Current]

    LTD EC-1000 VB [2008-Current] - "a LTD built to sound and last!"


    Guitar made in Korea. Mahogany body 3-piece Mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard, ESP Locking Tuners (based on Schaller M6) and Earvana compensated nut for better intonation Abalone "flags" inlays 24 frets 2 humbuckers: 1xEMG81 bridge and 1x…

  • LTD EC-1000 VB [2008-Current]

    LTD EC-1000 VB [2008-Current] - "Nice axe"


    Made in Korea...Here's the specs.. Its mahogany body is perfectly joined to a 3-piece mahogany neck, with an ebony fretboard, that features flag-shaped inlays and an ESP insignia on the 12th fret. Features: •Construction / Scale: Set-Neck / 24…

  • LTD EC-1000 Amber Sunburst

    LTD EC-1000 Amber Sunburst - "Wow and I mean it!!"


    ESP guitar manufacturing company has a sub product line that is called LTD. Many of the LTD guitars feature a little less build quality standards within the predecessor ESP. But basically all of their instruments sound just as good and feel almost as…

  • LTD EC-1000 VHB

    LTD EC-1000 VHB - "This is a great guitar."


    Mahogany body Mahogany neck 24-3/4" set neck Thin U neck contour Rosewood fretboard (ebony on vintage black) Abalone flags plus the model name at the 12th fret 42mm standard nut 24 extra jumbo frets TonePros locking Tune-o-matic bridge Genuin…

  • LTD H-1001 w/EMGs [2007-2015]

    LTD H-1001 w/EMGs [2007-2015] - "Good all around ESP"


    If someone asked me to design a metal guitar that is super playable and can handle every sort of heavy music I would probably come up with something similar to this guitar. This is the ESP H-1001. The design is not very radical by todays standards. I…

  • LTD Viper-1000

    LTD Viper-1000 - "ESP's SG Custom"


    The ESP Viper has always been the brother to the EC and Eclipse guitars throughout ESP's history. They both had similar ESP and LTD models. Now the Viper is getting its own cool stuff. This guitar is the Viper 1000 in Olympic White. ESP likes to give…

  • LTD EC-1000T CTM

    LTD EC-1000T CTM - "EC-1000 with a more traditional feel"


    Everyone knows the EC-1000 ESP model. It is their primary single cut guitar. It is like a mix of a single cut design with a super strat design. Some people wanted ESP to make a single cut that has a more traditional feel in the body. This is that gui…

  • LTD EC-1000 VB [2008-Current]

    LTD EC-1000 VB [2008-Current] - "Les Paul for metal"


    Made in Korea I believe. 24 frets. 2 volume 1 tone. Rosewood fingerboard. Ebony inlays. Mahogany body. Tonepros bridge. Locking tuners. EMG 81 and 60 active pickups. The neck is a lot like a cross between an Ibanez Wizard and a les paul class…

  • LTD EC-1000 VB [2008-Current]

    LTD EC-1000 VB [2008-Current] - "Not bad"


    ESP guitars has an alternative brand called LTD which is basically the exact same type of guitars but just built overseas. They still carry pretty good quality as compared to the ESP models but at much more budget friendly prices. They still get a go…

  • LTD MH-1000NT [200x-2016]

    LTD MH-1000NT [200x-2016] - "Not just for metal"


    The ESP LTD MH-1000NT is one of their arch top shred style guitars. Unlike a lot of their models this guitar comes with passive pickups instead of active EMG's. Some people may prefer the more traditional and more versatile passive tones to the ones …