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Lâg Other Shape Guitars user reviews

  • Lâg Custom Shop - Limited Series Collection

    Lâg Custom Shop - Limited Series Collection - "Lag Custom" has images


    I believe I bought the pre production for the custom/collector guitars. it was in the late 80s (I sold my alfa romeo to get the baby!) This was directly from the little shop next to Toulouse. The guitar had Seymour Duncan + Floyd rose. Very h…

Translated user reviews
  • Lâg Jet Matt Design JM200

    Lâg Jet Matt Design JM200 - " Happy little skyscraper"


    French manufacture, handle c, EMG: 2 single and 1 double splitable UTILIZATION Guitar very lightweight and well balanced, very nice handle without access to acute problems, versatile sonic palette with EMG its clean to saturated SOUNDS any so…

  • Lâg Jet New Vintage JV500

    Lâg Jet New Vintage JV500 - Jeffouille's review


    This is the Chinese, but the finish is really perfect, nothing to say. The swamp ash body is "book-matched" as they say that is done in three parts but with veins that follow. I find it very beautiful in her dress "Honey Shadow". It is light, its han…

  • Lâg Jet Standard JS200

    Lâg Jet Standard JS200 - " Good for beginners"


    Guitar that looks good, the original look that I ordered on the internet about 10 years ago, made in China. Mine is orange. Handle very fine kind Ibanez, 24 boxes. on the other hand, it did not make the effort to look beautiful wood fibers for the …

  • Lâg Collection V 2 E

    Lâg Collection V 2 E - " LAG collection V2S"


    Guitar 100% cot Franaise manufactures of Toulouse (the era was in 1987). MODEL 230 N rf collection. V2S Configuring SSH micro typical 80. While the EMG active. SETTING THE only one volume, not tonal. Slecteur three micro switch on / off allowin…

  • Lâg Collection

    Lâg Collection - " Lag Collection V2S"


    Channel 22 frets diapason type fender (see a little longer). Made in France, mache box and ash (I think) because I did not sue intelligence that guitar. Equipped with two simple micro EMG neck and middle and a double bridge position EMG. Vibrato Ka…

  • Lâg Jet Matt Design JM100

    Lâg Jet Matt Design JM100 - roplof's review


    FEATURES Head: Design Jet Mechanical: High accuracy Nut: Graphite Adjustment rod: Double meaning Neck: Maple (Hard Maple), screwed, guided reinforcement body-neck rosewood exclusive system Lâg Fingerboard: Maple Frets: 24 Nickel Silver…

  • Lâg Jet New Vintage JV500

    Lâg Jet New Vintage JV500 - Abelkain's reviewhas images


    It's very Chinese very well finished, it is more in the 80's they know work now, 0) ... For the characteristics you look there's no marked post ... This is a minimum ... Small precision Di Marzio Virtual Vintage 402/403/404 are for no one points …

  • Lâg Jet New Vintage JV500

    Lâg Jet New Vintage JV500 - " More than strat strat"


    China Manufacturing Neck maple, maple key, inlaid mother of pearl. 24 frets. Swamp ash body. 3 single coils Di Marzio 5-way switch Adjusting volume + tone Wilkinson vibrato Color Honey Burst (very beautiful) UTILIZATION The handle i…

  • Lâg Jet New Vintage JV100

    Lâg Jet New Vintage JV100 - " Very good strato more acid!"


    it is made somewhere in Asia ... it has a vintage bridge type stratocaster, has 24 frets on the fretboard, 3 single pickups routed by 1 volume, 1 tone and a 3-position selector. UTILIZATION The handle is very comfortable, easy to play and the fe…