Lâg RX 100
Lâg RX 100

RX 100, Other Shape Guitar from Lâg in the Electrane series.

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hexalto 09/16/2005

Lâg RX 100 : hexalto's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Asian manufacturing design Franaise but I suppose given the prices.
The Electran are far less prestigious than The series Bdarieux but the price is related ...
Lag 2 Humbuckers. MODEL is my RX100H with traversing ropes, satin black finish.
3 knobs and a selector 3 positions. Channel 22 boxes screwed. Alder body, rosewood fingerboard with Saddle sleeve. Overlay "thunder" the 12 box.
The direct link to the manufacturer's website: http://www.lag.fr/main.html


The handle is really enjoyable, nearly as thin as that of an Ibanez. At the top of the handle, everything passes comfortable in the acute ca thickens slightly, requiring 22 spaces. Touch is really nice even if it is a small cot "synthetic" (the guitar as a whole does not, moreover, seem to have t made with wood, but my personal ca okay I hate tarpaulins like Les Paul).
The light weight is of the type. Note that between the jack is "floating". It can be quickly parasites following connections / dconnexions. In theory a good idea, is to know how it ages.
Note that in the sitting position (my position prdilection like any home studio guitarist) is a little uncomfortable. Mainly because the horn of the plow over you ctes and sternum. Unlike other guitars, the back does not push to dig the body shape. It may seem fussy but honntement it becomes painful past three hours ... The guitar is lgrement dsquilibr and leans toward the head. Standing is a bit Gnant.
For sound, it's simple: you plug, turn the knobs and it sounds. Obviously the original pickups are a little LGERS especially for distos ...


This guitar is perfectly suited my style (modern rock / nu metal). Although sr, with a bigger budget, I will probably opt for the same in Bdarieux MODEL, a Schecter or a PRS. I play on Pro Line 6 Guitar (with Pod XT equivalent).
Clearly it is quite clear in on the other hand crunch or distortion is a little mess. It's lack of precision in the bass. A change of microphones is needed to clarify all this. Personally, I choose (on the advice of Master Lonewolf on the forum) for a Tone Zone and PAF Pro.
The tuning is good. Note that the guitar comes with a set of Elixir. A good point.


I for 1 week. It is little short to test in situations diffrent but this guitar I was immediately sduite. Enjoyable to play, simple, efficient and nice look ... which does not gche.
Obviously the pickups are basic but the price LGERS l.
I put 9 / 10 in global opinion because this is an excellent CATEGORY qualitprix. I had several guitars before: Fender Stratocaster Mexico (bof), Epiphone LP Standard (for logs), Ibanez GSA (medium), Ibanez Roadstar (er. .. old), Jackson PS2 (but well type). Although my style and my needs have a lot Volusion, the best of the Lag RX SERIES is currently ... until next time! With the same budget, I do it again the same choice. I paid 250 in a promo of my stores prfrs (Hamonia Music St Gratien 95 ... a little pub, they mritent) comes with a strap and a tui flexible. Frankly, what you ask for?!
I'm so sduit by Lag I plan to buy a Baby Jumbo electro acoustic. All made by chauvinism, good guitars ... Franaise that!