Lâg RX 100
Lâg RX 100

RX 100, Other Shape Guitar from Lâg in the Electrane series.

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matmax29 12/11/2004

Lâg RX 100 : matmax29's user review


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China manufacturing guitars but French concept
2 humbucker alnico Lag (Chinese)
maple neck (thin and nice) rosewood fingerboard
Alder body (glossy black in color)
2 volume, 1 tone, 3-position selector


The handle is in the tradition Lag very end, nice and of course provides easy access to acute. The double-cutaway body type Roxanne is beautiful with a curved table and enough light. little regret when playing seated, the body is hard on the knee and a tendency to look backwards, we must find the balance and once you have used is good. in sound, the original humbuckers are already very good for this price but if you seek a truly versatile sound it will change. I choose my two humbuchers EMG Hz (including the new team that Arkanne standard 1000). They have incredible power and finesse at the same time and definition. Using well have knobs and switches easily obtained from any of the big metal rock sound English. Well of course it is not a standard but Roxanne should be judged in relation to price. I put only 7 because I had to change the pickups that had a small additional cost anyway (about 90 € per micro).


As I said above, we get everything we want with a little adjustment. I am both a fan of Metallica and Dire Straits, and I can get those sounds here !!!!!. I go through a Vox ToneLab SE for finding effects for all types of zic and the effects loop of a double body Ibanez 120W. Attention to the ears because it is not sound for a small apartment of 20 m²! If your influences are diverse like me an RX 100 and a small effect processor will allow you to do everything. Again, my opinion is somewhat subjective since I was not the original pickups but the scrapes over the microphones it costs less than a Hz Ltd! and you have a French skyscraper and look nicer!


It was over a year I play this guitar and the pickups are changing for about 6 months. material has come as and msesure but it's really a ToneLab that all has taken a real sense of versatility. I tried most of the Lag but lack of money I could not pay me a standard that was my roxanne jewel of the era. after one year the choice will be the same especially to mount the microphones on it. It's been laughing when I explain that I play with Mark Knopfler Hz but tested with the ToneLab and profoundly astounding for the price of the whole. little detail to finish, try the ropes net flat at D'Addario is really nice!!