Lâg RX 100
Lâg RX 100

RX 100, Other Shape Guitar from Lâg in the Electrane series.

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ptichou 01/03/2005

Lâg RX 100 : ptichou's user review


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Same as the others ... everything is not dj


The neck is super enjoyable, Access in acute easier for me who also plays on a folk who do not allow too much play from the 12th fret ... ;-)
It is lgre, so that you can play for hours with no problem. The form, however, makes me ill below ctes sitting straight when I play more than one hour ... but it is enjoyable ngligeable face holding a guitar!
The sound is obtained without much difficulty I have a rotten little amp to play alone (I assure you, I took a really good big amp, a fender or a marshal, when I play with my band) and despite this little amp draw I get good sound.


I find this guitar very versatile: its lgret and 2 humbuckers are rather like nag, I'm not at all. I come to play cool stuff no nags, playing the position intermdiaire using 2 microphones ... rgale for a z'oreilles!
I play like I said with a small quantity of shit amp dje'm all alone, but sounds good dj. I have not had the OCCAZ to try the amps rpt with my group, but I hte to hear what my little new in his heart!
I 2-test with the micro 3trucs cot easel, by mounting the "drive" the bottom of the amp. It's been trsmtal trs and can be pretty, even with a not too violent songs ;-)


I have been using 2semaines, for at least an hour a day, sometimes 3 or 4 hours ... I will not tell you really notice possible but I think my impressions remain the same.
What I like most: his look. Yeah. What I like least: can be rglage buttons, and then the inlay on the 12th thunder box. But are only dtails!
I tried a few MODELS, like Squier, before buying it, and I looked on a lot of other guitars like ibanez and all ... But the shape of the RX100 had a dj sduit before, I just wanted vrifier could agree that the guitar that I play.
The report seems qualitprix particulirement excellent. By purchasing with fly-box, strap and stand, it only cost me 373euros. For a guitar of this quality is really low! :-D