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  • Behringer SNR202 Denoiser 2 Channel

    Behringer SNR202 Denoiser 2 Channel - "BEHRINGER SNR202 DENOISER " has images


    Original Made in Germany. Die im SNR202 DENOISER verwendeten Operationsverstärker sind außergewöhnlich. Sie zeichnen sich durch extreme Linearität und sehr geringe Verzerrungseigenschaften aus. Um dieses Design zu ergänzen, umfasst die Auswahl der …

  • Matthew Lindsay 7607

    Matthew Lindsay 7607 - "Incorrect Attribution" has images


    You're attributing the 7607 to Matthew Lindsay. This is incorrect. The actual designer was Paul Lindsay. He also designed a spectrum analyzer and built mixing desks for Mike Oldfield. I know this because I worked for him from 1977 to 1981 and t…

  • Micmix Master Room XL-210

    Micmix Master Room XL-210 - "2 Channel spring reverb"


    I use this in a studio setting. Has input level control, three band EQ controls and a Mix (Wet/Dry) control plus a very nice I/O. Great on vocals, acoustic guitar... very adjustable... works on almost any application. 2 Channel and very well built.…

  • Kawai RV-4

    Kawai RV-4 - "It's little known - and that is a pity"


    Kawai’s RV4 is an electronic hardware reverb featuring 8 in/out channels (4 stereo, with jack & AES/EBU type 2 connectors) with MIDI in/out. 50 good, 1980s-type presets and a lot of parameters can be edited. Until there, it’s just a good small rever…

  • Roland EF-303

    Roland EF-303 - "Great Gear for Those with G.A.S. (e.g. multi-instrumentalists, et al)"


    It's interesting how the Roland EF-303 has a bit of a love/hate following; this reminds me of Behringer gear, the Korg KARMA, or a Yamaha DJX. You can certainly read the spec's elsewhere, so i'll try to keep this short and ignore said specs. Botto…

  • A-designs Atty

    A-designs Atty - "affordable and clean"


    The A Designs ATTY is a 2 channel passive unit that only cost 100 bucks. It has a mute panic button on it and 2 balanced XLR outputs with 2 Neutrik inputs. You can use the A Designs ATTY for several uses; I mainly use it to control the levels of my m…

  • Funklogic DD-301 Digilog Dynamicator

    Funklogic DD-301 Digilog Dynamicator - "For a fake product, not very good"


    The Funklogic DD-301 Digilog Dynamicator is one of the most unusual music products ever conceived. It is a rack space filler that is supposed to look like a fancy rack processor. When I first ordered this product, I envisioned that it would be in the…

  • dbx 120A

    dbx 120A - "good price"


    This rackable distortion box is a great simulator of analog distortion. It's basically a distortion box that can be used on anything from guitars, basses, drums and drum loops, pianos, vocals and almost anything else. I've heard that it is possibl…

  • Roland EF-303

    Roland EF-303 - "An original tool box/MIDI and audio interface"


    See below for the list of effects. Personally, I use it mainly as a syncable resonant filter but also as a MIDI step sequencer (it even sends notes...). No PC editing, it's not rack-mountable, very digital, jack in for a mic, RCA for line or phono (…

  • Moog Music MF-107 FreqBox

    Moog Music MF-107 FreqBox - "A truly original effect pedal "


    This pedal is hard to characterize in terms of specific effects. According to Moog, it essentially takes your audio input and using that to control on internal oscillator. What you end up getting is some, in my opinion, completely unique distortion…