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  • A-designs Atty

    A-designs Atty - "Simple but brilliant" has images


    The ATTY is a stereo two channel passive line level attenuator box. Controls are dead simple: a smooth feeling rotary pot for continuous signal attenuation, and a quality pushbutton for hard mute, both of which control both channels all the time. …

  • Moog Music CP-251 Control Processor

    Moog Music CP-251 Control Processor - "A must have for multiple Moogers"


    It would take way too long to explain all the connections on this box and if you're looking into it then you should really check out Moog's website. This is an all analog control voltage generator. Basically what that means is it produces signa…

  • Moog Music MF-107 FreqBox

    Moog Music MF-107 FreqBox - "Classic synth sweeps for guitar players"


    This box is a noise maker's analog dream. It is a Voltage controlled oscillator that can latch onto your guitars frequency (note) and add a layer of synthy goodness. Think of the synth sweeps in classic songs like Rush's Tom Sawyer ( the "bwaaaahh" …

  • Frostwave Sonic Alienator

    Frostwave Sonic Alienator - moosers's review


    Frostwave's Sonic Alienator is a really unique pedal that can be used with any electric instrument. I've only used it on electric guitar but it's definitely more versatile than just for this. The pedal is simple in it's make up, with 1/4" connectio…

  • A-designs Atty

    A-designs Atty - moosers's review


    The A-Designs ATTY is a unique device that is a stereo passive leveling box. It's made for a variety of purposes to get you extra level at whatever stage you're putting it at. It has two XLR inputs and outputs and has a built in mute button and vol…

  • Drawmer M500

    Drawmer M500 - moosers's review


    The Drawmer M500 is a digital, multi-effects dynamic processor that's designed for use in the studio. It's a somewhat older piece of gear that falls somewhere in between the digital and analog ages. The connections that it has include XLR jacks for…

  • Aphex 124A Two Channel Level Interface

    Aphex 124A Two Channel Level Interface - moosers's review


    The Aphex Systems 124A is an audio level interface that is designed for high end audio gear. It can be used for a variety of purposes, both in the recording studio and for broadcast purposes. Essentially it's designed to create a balanced connectio…

  • API Audio 7800

    API Audio 7800 - moosers's review


    The API Audio 7800 Master Module is a piece of gear to use in tandem with either the API 8200 or the 7600 modules. I've used it with a series of 8200 line mixers, as it's almost like having a console if you've got this and a few of the eight channel…

  • Overstayer Instrument Driver

    Overstayer Instrument Driver - moosers's review


    The Overstayer Instrument Driver is essentially a saturation device for warming up your sound a bit. Overstayer is a small company out of Los Angeles, but they have a few great products at extremely reasonable prices. This unit is two channels, and…

  • Dolby modele 361

    Dolby modele 361 - moosers's review


    The Dolby Model 361 is a noise reduction device that I've used in the recording studio. I don't really know if this would be useful outside of a recording studio setting at all, and this will review will be focusing on this application of the 361 si…