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  • dbx 150X

    dbx 150X - Oliviercool's review


    This device is a reduction of breath 2 channels 1 / 2 rack width rack using either a second unit is a fixation. It uses the standard reduction dbx Type I breath. This means that it is intended to be used with a tape recorder. For cassette tapes, some…

  • Alto Professional Flex

    Alto Professional Flex - cotto's review


    Alto flex becomes more flex Apparently the name is changing output jack or xlr 6.35 alto seller flex more through its effects on offer but ATTENTION UTILIZATION Very simple config manual in french SOUND QUALITY The output signal is foun…

  • Moog Music MF-107 FreqBox

    Moog Music MF-107 FreqBox - HarkBones's review


    See SPECIFICATIONS device. UTILIZATION Like everything moog, the important thing is to want to fiddle with his machine. As always, a musical standpoint, is it really knows prcisment what you want is to say in this case if a particular TRS's, whic…

  • Broadcast-associés Gamme SRS

    Broadcast-associés Gamme SRS - Twentytwenty's review


    The SRS is a Megawide audio processing using the process spacialisation Sound Retrieval System developed by SRS Labs. The first version of the audio processing was marketed in 1993 under the name of the brand HK100 Hughes, many engineers who ha…

  • Fostex DE-10

    Fostex DE-10 - Sn2o's review


    Multi effect processor, 2-way 1U Reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, distortion ... all it takes! Connection jack. No noon (pkoi do?) UTILIZATION One branch is lighted, is chosen because it refines its rglages and go. Super simple! (Well this i…

  • Zoom ER-200

    Zoom ER-200 - Dom Brunet's review


    Analog Reverb spring dalay dating of the beginning 80 Rack 19 ' 2 comes with spares prampli mic / line, while Jack 2 outputs, and direct mix August 1 footswitch seen to lead UTILIZATION Use child! SOUND QUALITY Reverb vintage resort…

  • Dynacord CLS/DLS 222

    Dynacord CLS/DLS 222 - mickael1001's review


    One effect types Cabin "leslie". The connector input, ouput or left and right mono, stereo output, output for connecting two microphones. analog effect! rack model only. UTILIZATION Very easy to use, I quickly found my sound! gain control…

  • Samson Technologies D3500

    Samson Technologies D3500 - jmccoye's review


    Not very cool ..... the d3500 I bought it for the anti feedback but it does lead before three perform all necessary, in addition I had a cot in a rack Receivers Sennheiser 300 Series is regardless of the frquence I was a parasite on the path of the…

  • Rocktron Hush Pro

    Rocktron Hush Pro - fabrice4529's review


    Information for this noise reduction is equivalent to the studio Rocktron HUSH II CX with the same qualitées, but also a MIDI control for both channels. UTILIZATION Rocktron HUSH II CX Reviews SOUND QUALITY Rocktron HUSH II CX Reviews OVERA…

  • Drawmer M500

    Drawmer M500 - voicetrack's review


    Compressor + Limiter + Expender / gate + envlope gnrateur with mmorisation diffrent and chaining and modes of operation possible. Memory function of noise and connection envloppe noon. The icing on the cake, it's analog so no worries behind! …