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Other Studio Effects user reviews

  • SPL MixDream XP

    SPL MixDream XP - boogie-raf's review


    Rackable Model 1 unit, Class A UTILIZATION Simple setup. SOUND QUALITY Great sound quality, transparent. I use it to summon the subgroups. OVERALL OPINION - I use it for 2 years. ITB mixes are digital but the differences are not dramati…

  • Sound Skulptor Stereo Tape Simulator

    Sound Skulptor Stereo Tape Simulator - " Very good machine"


    It is an analog processor that attempts to recreate the noise footprint of the old tape recorders. All information on the site: http://www.soundskulptor.com/fr/ XLR connectors neutrick Everything seems very well thought out and implemented. U…

  • Behringer Edison EX1

    Behringer Edison EX1 - " Fun to use sparingly"


    Stereo Expander with phase-meter, adjusting depth of field, left-right placement ... I use the model made in Germany in 1993. UTILIZATION Simple, but be careful, use sparingly. The device must be used to discriminate certain sounds in a mix. Pref…

  • Behringer Studio Denoiser 8 channel

    Behringer Studio Denoiser 8 channel - " Rather well"


    Rack unit 8 input / output jack 6.35 a single blast attenuator per channel a switch in / out which could be likened to a bypass channel Very handy for mitigating UTILIZATION see a breath or eliminates all background noise. within reasonable…

  • dbx AFS224

    dbx AFS224 - " He who works behind the scenes ..."


    It is an automatic feedback suppression. It does nothing else. Stereo (or dual mono), 24 filters per channel width of 1 / 80th octave minimum Two modes: static and dynamic (we choose the number of static filters and the number of dynamic filters)…

  • Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture Anniversary Limited Edition MASTERING

    Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture Anniversary Limited … - " Swiss Army knife of distal tube" has images


    2U, line input, DI output for the Hi or Low réamp, different config settings, and while the overdirve symmetric (for mastering this version) stereo. UTILIZATION The trick is that there is no adjustment "school" you have to experiment on the sound…

  • Music And More WARP9

    Music And More WARP9 - " Dirty mchant"


    cf. below is an analogue filter 1U trslger and very shallow, with great possibilities of modulation, MIDI controllable. UTILIZATION This is the first effect of this type that I try No one should read the manual :-) It's really not complicated but…

  • Samson Technologies D3500

    Samson Technologies D3500 - gege59790's review


    equalizer, feedback suppressor, XLR connectors on UTILIZATION complicated configuration, but once understood it nikel. SOUND QUALITY no coloration of sound, it does its job well and I have no feedback OVERALL OPINION I use it for a month …

  • Thermionic Culture The Culture Vulture

    Thermionic Culture The Culture Vulture - " A snack!"


    Preamp / Overdrive, harmonic generator Rack input analog outputs connections: jack only! it's a shame ... UTILIZATION The config is clear to understand, who can not do it does not have much chance to succeed in life, let alone as a technician! …

  • Behringer Denoiser SNR2000

    Behringer Denoiser SNR2000 - blackle's review


    Reduces noise with dynamic multi-band analog processing. UTILIZATION Very simple, but be careful not to push the settings too hard. It will quickly distort and we want to clean the source. SOUND QUALITY Unstoppable! Works with many sources of noi…