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Other Studio Effects user reviews

  • Thermionic Culture The Culture Vulture

    Thermionic Culture The Culture Vulture - " RRRrrrr!"


    disto 2 channel rack tube. For connectivity, input / output jacks with Entries DI ... UTILIZATION Simpler is not really possible a drive, a Bias, a volume of output per channel, then a switch to turn on the overdrive, a choice of distortion (lik…

  • Yamaha E 1005

    Yamaha E 1005 - " Waa waa Waouou Wow wao wa wa wam am am mmmmmmmmmmm ..."


    Analog delay simulating magnetic tape delay Replicability (feedback) infinite 2 modes of court delay and long, adjustable A modulation part very interesting, can recreate, depending on the settings, FX flanger / phaser 2 output balance or mix wi…

  • Audiophony CP-110

    Audiophony CP-110 - christian89's review



  • Ursa Major SST-206

    Ursa Major SST-206 - 20hz/20khz's review


    It Antoine St. Exupery website this American who speaks Latin and I lose mine. Grain, a touch of madness ... A dsp that fits in the hand in hand, in my hand hand hand mmmmm ... …

  • Sony HR-MP5

    Sony HR-MP5 - Dejecte's review


    Nothing to add. Connectivity for audio and MIDI Jack. OVERALL OPINION I still use it ...! Synths on it works miracles. Machine very easy to program and very clear, very easy! Yet there is a choice and especially in the effects on many param…

  • SPL MixDream XP

    SPL MixDream XP - vinche999's review


    Auncun fact, no editing possible, the mixer is actually a summer does not contain any fader or pan pot. The mixdream XP allows for summing of the analog summing brings a mix of digital. There are two connectors (1-8 and 9-16) for the 16 entries (…

  • Roland SDD-320 Dimension D

    Roland SDD-320 Dimension D - La2a's review


    When you read an opinion as Previous, one can only perform all necessary! Chorus / Spat unique. analog. UTILIZATION Four buttons for four chorus effects but engageable sparment ... So 16 variations of effects. Indeed one button off and I s…

  • Thermionic Culture The Culture Vulture

    Thermionic Culture The Culture Vulture - antaiss's review


    Big fat distortion rack in the "very serious" box thermionic culture is more accurately a rack originally fate band analog simulation ... but with pletoire of various settings that grow are used well well well beyond. It's all light, the beast is …

  • Alto Professional RSA 27

    Alto Professional RSA 27 - San's review


    Spectrum analyzer real-time sound. The measurement microphone is not provided. I wanted to buy this type of device from a little piece of time and honestly, it solves many problems (especially the feedback) and allows for a balanced sound. It c…

  • Samson Technologies D1500

    Samson Technologies D1500 - David999999999's review


    Hello, So if you want an RTA does not work at all, that you want the worst trouble the world, falling in the harbor, appearing late, have a product that is opposed to the philosophy of quality brands: Studer-Revox, Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG, Dolb…