Aphex 720 Dominator II
Aphex 720 Dominator II
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moosers 02/28/2010

Aphex 720 Dominator II : moosers's user review


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The Aphex System Dominator 2 AX 720 is a multi-band peak limiter. It isn't your traditional limiter for starters. It has XLR connections in the back, and will only take up a single space in a traditional rack case.


While the Aphex System Dominator 2 AX 720 doesn't have the most often found parameters, it is still a pretty easy unit to use. As far as your parameters do go, you've got knobs for input gain, low and high EQ, release, density, fine, and coarse. It also has a number of buttons and a meter so you can monitor your peaks. I haven't seen a manual for this device, so I can't say anything about the type of make up that it might have and if it would be useful or not.


I don't have all that much experience with the Aphex System Dominator 2 AX 720, mostly because after using it once or twice I decided that it was something that I didn't really like the sound of. While it does do the job and will help for limiting your peaks, I found that it hit the signal way too hard for my taste. While you can of course set the unit in a variety of ways, even when I had it on a low level of limiting, I still felt that I couldn't get the sound that I wanted from it. I used it on a full drum set, so perhaps it is best suited for another application that I didn't try...


The Aphex System Dominator 2 AX 720 is definitely a good idea, which is why I tried it out, but I'm just not a big fan of the execution. It doesn't sound as punchy or clean as I would expect from a unit like this. I don't know the price of the Domniator 2, but unless you're looking specifically for a multi-band peak limiter, I'd steer clear of this and check out some more traditional signal processing.