Aphex 720 Dominator II
Aphex 720 Dominator II
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sky1mx 11/22/2004

Aphex 720 Dominator II : sky1mx's user review


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Aphex 720 Compressor Limiter Multiband stereo.
1U, analog input / output XLR servo switchable filters 600ohms at the rear, power transformer ring exellent filtering, compression independent 3-band bass / mid / high, final internal prcis clipper.
Aphex vca1001 transistor technology, switchable crossover frquences 100Hz/210Hz, 1700Hz/3400Hz, stereo or independent-link, bypass.
The model 720 + is the notorious studio applications, mastering ... Available in model 722, and 723 for broadcast applications. (Premphase).
Large, flexible and very prcise gain margin, notched button.


Simple configuration, the compressor-limiter-clipper classic multiband density adjustable, can handle any type of sound, without "pumping", adjustable bass and treble equalizer as a pre-compression. Instructions very detailed and very clear to professional and amateur.
Led display very simple.


The effect of the Aphex Dominator 2 is quite characteristic, bass, bells loud and clear, strong sound prsence sometimes lgrement mtallique or slightly AGESSA.
The multiband processing (3 bands) is free pumping sound quality high-end, the output gain is very well calibrated and prcis, a clipper possde final internal high quality can be very dense depending on the setting.
Clearly audible sound effect, ideal for applications "commercial", no breath, which probably explains the lack of gate.
Ideal for sound sources with predominantly low (hip-hop, etc ...), then it is very easy to distribute or Save the sound output, the noise level is very good "matrisquot; it thus being protected speakers, audio lines, various broadcasts broadcast.
Very easy to use for amateurs, not very complicated and easy to ACCS / apprci by very professional.


The Aphex Dominator 2 is a unit of its very strong opportunities or second hand in poor condition are often affordable, but prices consquent nine.
Manufacturing aphex rpute and exellent, treatment of his practice that has proven long ago.
We can afford to call it a "small but muscular".